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Vin spent most of his 4th week of life crying his face off. At first, I was concerned about Shelby adapting to all the crying. Steven and I certainly don't find any comfort in hearing a crying baby, would Shelby get annoyed?


The crying doesn't seem to bother Shelby. She used to check on Vin everytime he made a peep, but after this week of constant baby wailing, she seems to have adapted, and it doesn't bother her at all. She even sleeps through the nightly 2am cryfest-feeding-diaper changing.

In fact, as I look at this photo, I am overwhelmed by what a good girl she seems to be, especially in comparison to her screaming little bro.

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Gettin' some rays

Getting their Vitamin D

Doctor's orders! Shelby and Vin caught some rays. 5-10 minutes in the sun is supposed to provide all the vitamin D that little Vin needs. So I spread out a blanket in front of the open window and put a little sun hat on Vin, and Shelby decided to join in. After all, she's been practicing lying around in the sun for 4 years now.

Shelby gets really excited when Vin is on the ground. She gave him a full inspection, including a diaper sniff, and a lick on the cheek.

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A Lazy Pug vs. Squirrel Face Off?

I was checking my email, when I looked ov er and saw Shelby doing this...

Lazy Squirrel Faceoff?

This has to the laziest pug vs. squirrel face off I've ever seen.

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Queen of all she surveys

I mentioned the barking as a problem in my previous post. it's been an issue because we had a team of gardeners working in the yard to tame the greenery (aka weeds) that were harboring bugs and threatening to take over the house. Shelby kept barking whenever she saw one of the workers, and that was quite often.

Queen of all she surveys

But they are all done now, and the yard looks sparse, but at least it's not packed with weeds. Steven and I now consider it relatively safe for Shelby to go play back there. It's the first time she's ever had a yard. She seems to really enjoy exploring. (not all of that land in the picture is ours, but it sure is nice to look at, and thank goodness we don't have to maintain it! :)

You'll notice that it looks like we're out in the boonies based on the view. Not so! however there is a fair amount of wildlife back there. Since we've moved in we've seen:

  • many birds of prey, one of them carrying a snake in it's claws!
  • a skunk!
  • a mama doe and her two two fawns

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Oh please please don't bark

After finally getting the baby to sleep, we just cross our fingers that Shelby doesn't start one of her barking fits. They are usually triggered by the doorbell, or the mailman, and someone leaving the house without her.

With baby brother

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Nap time

Nap time in Steven's lap.

Cuddle time

but what (or who) is Shelby resting her head on?

Cuddle time

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Early to bed

With all this activity in the house, we've all been pretty tired. Little Vin clearly liked the "full service" life he had in the womb. Shelby checks up on him whenever he's crying, which was quite often, when we first came home. This makes Shelby quite the tired little pug.

Heere's a photo of Shelby, having put herself to bed early to get some rest.

Early sleeper

Yes, puglet, I'm tired too.

Mom is staying with us, and she's handling all the cooking, cleaning, and "Shelby care" duties. Three cheers for mom! I'm really happy that Shelby is getting her daily walks, but that she also gets a weekly beef bone. I wish I had the energy to play with her, but I'm recooperating from the delivery, and I'm supposed to be resting.

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Sharing a lap

daddy's lap

Shelby is being good, and smelling Vin.

Meanwhile, Vin is flailing his arms and spitting up.

This is the first time Shelby and Vin have shared a lap. Steven just finished feeding Vin. Shelby ALMOST licked him, but managed to show some pug restraint. Did I just use the phrase "pug restraint?" Hmmm. I didn't think there was such a thing.

Note: Vin is not usually crossed eyed, however Shelby is usually wall-eyed.

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Second breakfast!?

The mornings are hard for me. By then, any pain meds I've taken have worn off, and getting out of bed is still a struggle. Because the morning suck for me, I asked mom to feed Shelby breakfast every morning. Also, this would avoid the pug getting 2 breakfasts.

This morning, I hobbled out of bed. Steven woke up shortly after. Mom was still asleep. I looked at Shelby, and asked Steven to feed her so that Shelby still remembers that she is our dog. :D When I walked by mom's room (aka the nursery) she said "Oh, I already fed Shelby."

Oops! Apparently, Shelby had woken mom up earlier in the morning, and mom fed her and went back to bed. By the time I woke up, Shelby gave me her "I'm hungry" look, and I fell for it, and asked Steven to feed her again.

This is a photo of her, with a serious post breakfast food coma.

Food coma

About 45 minutes later, she was sporting her "I'm hungry" look again.

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Shelby is a big sister! Introducing little Vin!

Happy Furry Big Sister

I'm happy to report that we've come home from the hospital and Shelby is being an excellent big sister so far. While we were at the hospital, my parents came to visit, and we sent Vin's knit cap home with them so that Shelby could smell it. On Friday, the two met for the first time, and I snapped some photos.

Who's this dog?

And this is why they say "Never work with animals or kids."
This is Why You Shouldn't Work with Animals or Kids

There was non-stop tail wagging when she first met Vin, and whenever he cries, she comes running up to check on him. Let's just say, the first night, Shelby got up to check on Vin a LOT!

It's been a few days now, and she's been very good, so last night, we let Shelby thoroughly smell Vin, and sit next to him.

So far, so good. :)

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