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Shelby is a big sister! Introducing little Vin!

Happy Furry Big Sister

I'm happy to report that we've come home from the hospital and Shelby is being an excellent big sister so far. While we were at the hospital, my parents came to visit, and we sent Vin's knit cap home with them so that Shelby could smell it. On Friday, the two met for the first time, and I snapped some photos.

Who's this dog?

And this is why they say "Never work with animals or kids."
This is Why You Shouldn't Work with Animals or Kids

There was non-stop tail wagging when she first met Vin, and whenever he cries, she comes running up to check on him. Let's just say, the first night, Shelby got up to check on Vin a LOT!

It's been a few days now, and she's been very good, so last night, we let Shelby thoroughly smell Vin, and sit next to him.

So far, so good. :)

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Yeah! Adorable. Thank you for sharing those photos.

Posted by: alfredsmom | Apr 6, 2008 6:49:06 PM

aww, vin is so cute! i'm glad shelby is getting along with him so far! keep up the good work with them! :)

Posted by: dana | Apr 6, 2008 6:58:05 PM

Winnie and Steve, Congratulations! What a beautiful little baby! Shelby looks so proud too! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us! And welcome, Vin!

Posted by: Boston Shelby Fan | Apr 6, 2008 7:44:44 PM

congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, what a nice head of hair he has. what's his full name? knew shelby would be a little angel with him........blessings to your entire family.

Posted by: nadine | Apr 6, 2008 7:52:39 PM

Congrats Shelby and family!

Posted by: MissPinkKate | Apr 6, 2008 8:02:29 PM

Hi Winnie

I've been following your blog for half a year now! I just wanted to say congrats, he's so beautiful. I look forward to seeing more posts of Shelby and baby! xo

Posted by: Lisa | Apr 6, 2008 8:43:32 PM

Congratulations to all!! I'm thoroughly enjoying the photos of that handsome baby boy and that handsome pug!! I love hearing about Shelby and seeing the photos and now I'm going to enjoy even more seeing the two of them together!!! It warms my heart to see how you have introduced Shelby to Vin. That is so sweet. Love the photo of Vin appearing to look at Shelby. See, they love each other already!! Hugs to all! Keep us informed of everything ....

Posted by: Margaret | Apr 6, 2008 9:02:22 PM

Dear New Mommy Winnie and Proud Pop Steven,
and Big FurSister Shelby: Your son, Vin,
is healthy with a lots of hair! May your
new home and new baby bring you much good
fortune and happiness. Shelby, be vigilent please and guard little Baby Vin. When he grows older you two will be buddies!

Posted by: Jade | Apr 6, 2008 9:15:45 PM


Posted by: Max | Apr 6, 2008 10:02:18 PM

What A nice Eurasian baby. Winnie, Let us know the challenges that comes with looking after a baby and a pug. I need to prepare myself too!

Posted by: Arljo | Apr 6, 2008 11:22:57 PM

What kind of confinement are you following, Winnie? Asian (no bathing) or Western (drink lots of red wine)?

Posted by: Lene | Apr 6, 2008 11:25:20 PM

congrats! we're still going through our pugs-getting-to-know-baby period, and it's great!

pug+baby=cuteness goldmine.

my gizmo and gadget weren't quite as motherly as shelby. instead of checking on their sister, they hid under the bed either because they were afraid of ... or to just get away from the screaming!

good luck to you all!

Posted by: Matt from Urban Pug | Apr 7, 2008 12:50:27 AM

Congratulations! You have a very beautiful little boy. Lots and lots of hair. They say heartburn is an indication that the baby will have lots of hair. Was that true for you? Was for me.

Congrats Shelby! Enjoy him while he's small. Soon he will be bigger than you and toddling around!

Posted by: Priscilla | Apr 7, 2008 4:29:01 AM


Posted by: Ann Crago | Apr 7, 2008 5:54:51 AM

Congratulations to you! Shelby looks so cute next to her new brother. :)

Posted by: April | Apr 7, 2008 6:20:53 AM

What a handsome little dude. Great hair,too. Vin looks so content, and alert. Swaddling works wonders, doesn't it? Glad to hear that big sis Shelby is already helping out. How very cool that Vin has that cute puggy face to focus on as a welcome to the world.
Congratulations, you guys!

Posted by: Bo | Apr 7, 2008 6:41:57 AM

Shelby looks thrilled! Congratulations! Vin is adorable, and what a great name!

Posted by: April | Apr 7, 2008 6:45:36 AM

What adorable pictures. Hope you are taking special care of yourself Winnie. The baby is precious.

Lots of love to your whole family.


Posted by: NancyNancy | Apr 7, 2008 7:45:35 AM

Congrats! He is so cute! I am glad that Shelby is being a good big sister! :)

Posted by: lex | Apr 7, 2008 8:27:03 AM

Welcome Vin!! You are a very lucky little boy to come to such wonderful family. Hope to see your pictures along with Shelby often. Hugs and kisses.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 7, 2008 8:43:22 AM

Shelby looks so proud! She looks like she is saying " Look what we got". Congratulations to you and Steve. Baby Vin is gorgeous. Can't wait to see more pics of Shelby with "her" baby.

Posted by: Cat | Apr 7, 2008 8:54:41 AM

Congratulations to ALL! Pugs and Babies are wonderful together. Seeing friends Pugs and their babies and children together is what started my daughter and I on the trail of the Pugs in our lives, now up to 3 pugs.

Posted by: Briana | Apr 7, 2008 10:44:44 AM

What a handsome little man, and so big too!! You don't look like your a very big girl, you must have good "genes" and alot of strength to birth a big boy like that!! I wish lots of love and luck, cause now, the journey gets more interesting!!!

Posted by: Lisa | Apr 7, 2008 10:46:39 AM

Congratulations to you all!

Posted by: DancesInGarden | Apr 7, 2008 10:58:19 AM

Congrats!! What a perfect pair! I know Shelby will be a wonderful big sister.

Posted by: Mypugsblog | Apr 7, 2008 11:29:41 AM

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