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Partners in Tummy Time

When I was a baby, we were supposed to sleep on our tummies so that if we spat up milk, we wouldn't choke. Nowadays, babies are supposed to sleep on their backs to reduce the chance of SIDS. That means that babies need "tummy time" to build up their muscles.

Shelby is a pro at this, and hangs out with Vin while he gets in his tummy time (which he hates).

partners in tummy time

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Following the sun

Following the sun

Following the sun

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Oh Shelby, last week a heat wave, and this week a cold snap. Here is Shelby cuddling up for warmth while I'm putting Vin in the crib.

Staying warm

Now that we have a real fireplace, instead of a gas one, Steven went out to buy some firewood. Shelby snuggled up next to it, but the crackling took some getting used to.

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Reviewing the menu

Mom is helping me organize Vin's red egg and ginger party, a tradition for Chinese infants. I was typing away on the laptop when I looked up to find mom "teaching" Shelby to read the menu items in Chinese.

The menu

I don't think any of it stuck, but I'm sure Shelby appreciated the effort.

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A new friend

Our extended family has been visiting Vin. This is Shelby's first meeting with Steven's little niece. At first she was really tentative around Shelby, which was sad because Shelby really really wanted to meet her. We had to put Shelby in the outside until Steven's niece got a bit more comfortable.

Shelby's new friend

As you can see by this picture her mom took, things worked out quiet well. By the end of the visit, they were hanging out together. And Shelby didn't even try to steal her toys!

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Heatwave! And we just moved into a house with no air conditioning.

I whipped out my melon baller and served up this tiny watermelon for Steven and I to share. Nothing loike cool watermelon on a hot day.

Miss Shelby enjoyed the leftovers in her personal watermelon bowl.

This is how Shelby beats the heat

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Can I come in plz?

Can I come in please?

Shelby waits outside the nursery for mom and the baby.

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Happy Mother's Day!

We started Mother's Day by dropping by to visit some friends at the 24 Hours of LeMons race. We toured the pits and the Red Baron team said it was OK for Shelby to pose for a picture on top of their car. Check out Snoopy in the back!

Shelby and the Red Baron

She met Harrison there.

Shelby and Harrison

Afterwards, we went to our favorite restaurant. For her good behavior, Shelby got a few fries and some buttered bread.
Sneaking a fry

Happy Mother's Day!

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The great outdoors makes Shelby's poop black

It's really great seeing a little pug in the great outdoors. Shelby really likes foraging around the backyard, and I feel good that she's relatively safe playing back there.

However, we've got an olive tree out there that has been dropping fruit / seeds for many years now. And Shelby has taken to foraging for olives and eating them.

Olive hunting

I've no idea if this is bad for her. I didn't even realize that uncured olives were edible, or even tasty. We have noticed that all this olive eating turns her poop black. My mom tried cleaning up the olives but there's literally years of seeds out there.

Sigh...there's no stopping this pug.

Olive hunting

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Resisting temptation

Resisting temptation

I placed Vin in his activity playmat today to see if he would respond. So far, not so good. The boy isn't quite sure his fingers are attached to his hand much less figuring out what the objects on the playmat are. There's little squeaky toys and rattles hanging from it.

Shelby, however, knows EXACTLY how much fun little squeaky toys can be and has tried to run off with some of them. It's going to be interesting keeping the dog and kid toys separate. After this photo, I started using the playmat in Vin's crib so that Shelby can't hog the toys. No need to feel sorry for her though. She's got plenty of little squeaky friends already.

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