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Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, in our garage

About a week ago, I wrote that Shelby had become highly suspicious of one area of the wall in our family room. Well let me just say...

the pug was right.

Steven went to inspect the garage and found rodent poop and peanut shells along the back side of the wall that Shelby was sniffing. He also found a set of mousetraps left by the previous owner. He set the traps. I hope there are no peta members reading this right now. If it's any consolation, he set the traps with gourmet cheese. Seriously, did we need to set the expensive cheese out? Oh well, it was the only cheese we had in the house. I suppose it's pointless now to mention that peanut butter would've probably worked just as well. After all, it seems these rodents have a penchant for peanuts.

Knowing that the pug also really likes Gruyere, he surrounded the traps with tall boxes so that Shelby couldn't get to them. Personally, there's very little that can keep this pug from getting to cheese, so we also kept Shelby out of the garage during this time.

Round 1 went to the rodents. Cheese was gone, but traps were intact.

For Round 2, Steven really jammed the cheese into the trap so that the rodent would really have to dig into it to get it. However round 2 still went to the rodent. Come morning, no cheese, but also no rodent.

Round 3 was quite unexpected. Steven had not set any cheese out. The traps had no bait. However come morning, he caught a huge rodent. He took a photo, but I'll spare you that. Just know that the execution was swift and clean. We were unsure if it was a mouse or rat. He sent the photo to our friend Glenn for identification. His boys have pet rats, and we figured if anyone would know, he would.

Yes, it's a rat.

And it's a female.

They can breed every 5 weeks.

Our rat problems was a hot topic for their boys at the dinner table that night.

Good grief.

But the story gets weirder...

When Steven returned to clean up the rat, look what he found.

It's not poisonous. He identified it as a gopher snake, about 18in long. Peta members will be happy to know that despite the snake being really pissed with Steven, he managed to set it free just beyond our property line. And I'd imagine that it was pissed because Steven cheated it out of a meal.

All this happened while I was at work.

Imagine my surprise when I get an email asking, "Do rats go into the trash or the food waste bin?"

To which I responded, "It depends, did you remove it from the trap?"

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Bald spot

In Shelby's earlier years, I noticed that she was rubbing the fur off her underbelly when she crawled around on the floor. It was terribly cute to watch, and there's certainly nothing wrong with a smooth underbelly, so we never corrected her. In fact, we tried to "capture" the behavior by reinforcing it with doggie biscuits.

Well if you'll notice the back of Vin's head...
Bald spot

It seems they have this in common. Vin, like a lot of babies, likes to roll his head around as he starts to fall asleep. Despite being born with a full head of hair, he's managed to rub off most of it around the widest part of his head.


I'm not going to give Vin a biscuit for this.

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A time for toys

Vin is finally interested in toys. I put his activity mat in the crib, and watched him play. It's refreshing to see that he's interested in something besides milk and crying. Steven took notice, and placed the rattle in his hand, which he started to wave around.

but who's that stalking his rattle in the background?


Clearly, the little pug really likes rattles too!

can I play too?

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Highly suspicious


Shelby has been staring and sniffing around this part of our wall. She was so focused on it, that Steven decided to remove the baseboard to see if there was anything there. It she just being weird, or do you think there's really something there?

Like I said...



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Too funny not to share

I'm not sure if many of you checked out the link that Randon included in his comment on the post about Vin's new Bumbo. I went back to work this week, and didn't quite have the chance to watch it until just today, and I just about died laughing.

I can't say that I have the time or the talent to make something this good with Vin and Shelby, but I'm sure glad lfatboyl does.

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Waiting for mommy to let down her guard

Vin loves to sit up, so I bought him a little bumbo seat to help him develop his back, neck, and stomach muscles. Bumbo is not supposed to be used on elevated surfaces, so this puts the little guy right at Shelby's eye level. Oh his little hands are just too tempting not to lick. I have to keep an eye on the two of them so she doesn't end up licking him to pieces.

Just hangin' out

Hi doggie

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A visit from Bear and Penny

Shelby's friend Bear came to visit today. After some raucus play around the house, both doggies proved themselves to be excellent beggars / scavengers.

Their first treat was half an egg. Steven had just returned from grocery shopping, and one of the eggs cracked when I tried to put it in the fridge. Our loss is the dogs' gain. We cooked it in the microwave, and Shelby and Bear each got half. (However Shelby finished hers first, and then went to "share" Bear's egg.)

Yummy eggYummy egg

The dogs went off to play, while I prepared vin's bottle. My friend Penny (Bear's person) does the honors of feeding the boy.

milk please

The presence of milk does not go unnoticed by the doggies. Shelby looks particularly interested in a taste, while Bear looks like he might be willing to settle for a lick of some baby toes.

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Bootie thief!

Vin tried on his rattle booties today.

Shelby took notice.

steal the booties

She's been after those booties ever since my friend Diana sent them to Vin.

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