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and we're back! sort of.

Apologies for the silence. I spent the last week or so looking for my camera before finally concluding that it had walked off. Denial has turned to acceptance, and I've ordered a new one.

Shoot...I only bought it 6 months ago.

So while I was not blogging, all of California caught on fire.

We've had a lot of bad air quality, and suns that look like the world is ending.
fire sun

This means the pug, the boy, and often the rest of the family are staying indoors. The good news is that despite all the illegal fireworks we heard on July 4th, our very dry hillside didn't combust.

In Shelby news, the pug's got a new rug.

pug on a rug

Steven bought two of these cute round rugs from IKEA. Shelby got one, and we used the other one in front of the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, we found that Shelby thinks all rugs are hers.

She would frequently sit on the one in front of the sink because it's closer to the human food.
After 4 days of this, we gave up and moved the second rug next to Shelby's rug.

Pug 1, Humans 0.

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Yes our puggies do rule the roost no matter what.

And I have loved your site for so long. Please keep it up up because I check it almost everyday (even though I have my own pug to love and hug)it gives me the biggest smile . . ..

Posted by: general luvs me | Jul 13, 2008 2:59:24 AM

As most Pug parents learn, EVERYTHING belongs to the Pug, if they want it.

Hugs to Vin and Shelby.

BonnieBoo & her Mom

Posted by: BonnieBoo's Mom | Jul 13, 2008 8:06:49 AM

Dear Winnie, it was a relief to hear from you...we worried about the fires and the air pollution. Glad you and your family wisely stayed inside. Ash and soot is no good for puggies or babies. Love your circle rugs. Laughing that Shelby Eric Cartman claimed them both....why of course!

Posted by: Jade | Jul 13, 2008 8:26:40 AM

That is so funny. I'm glad you and your family are safe from the fires.

And I have learned that wherever Mushu wants to lay, he will. =)

Posted by: Ana | Jul 13, 2008 10:31:54 PM

Good idea to stay inside and avoid all the ash dust. You must be relieved that the fires are not near your home. We also look forward to your site every day. Remember the pug credo-"What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine..." Nice mats by the way... Well, at least you can look at them...

Posted by: Mary and Mia | Jul 14, 2008 1:26:37 PM

Ah come on now Winnie! You know by now that THE PUG always wins!!
I bet you are getting cabin fever, but outdoors looks too scary for me! Hope things get back to normal soon.

Posted by: carold | Jul 15, 2008 4:10:08 PM

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