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Steven and I went to lunch...

Actually the story starts with us grabbing a quick breakfast. Steven was with Vin and Shelby at a deli near the farmer's market. They have an outdoor eating area that usually welcomes dogs. But when I came back from buying our weekly groceries, I found the whole family stranded on a bench in front of the deli. Steven was munching on a bagel, looking annoyed. Apparently they don't allow dogs anymore because they were cited.

I felt bad since it was my idea to bring the family out, so I offered to treat Steven to a nice lunch. shelby had to be tied outside, but that usually works out if we can sit near her. There was a hedge, and brick divider separating us.

And then Steven gave Shelby a piece of buttered bread.

bush 3

Uh oh.

bush 2

Oh no.

bush 4

Shelby what have you done!

And to top it all off, when Vin and I went to untangle her from the bushes, he spat up some milk.

Shelby cleaned it up.


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Baby's got a new pair of shoes

My cousin came to visit and brought these cute little shoes for Vin. Since the boy is all jazzed about being able to stand up a little, we tested the shoes out.

Baby's got a new pair of shoes

Shelby stalks...

Check my new shoes!

...and investigates

Too close!

...and then get too close!

Do all pugs insist on pushing their luck?

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Steven was out in the yard taking pictures of his motorcycle, prepping it for sale.


Lo and behold. Who shows up for the photo shoot? None other than Shelby pug. I guess by having all these photo sessions we've had with her, we've trained her to sit in front of cameras, even if she's not supposed to. I'm sure she was expecting a biscuit for her modelling efforts.

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and we're back! sort of.

Apologies for the silence. I spent the last week or so looking for my camera before finally concluding that it had walked off. Denial has turned to acceptance, and I've ordered a new one.

Shoot...I only bought it 6 months ago.

So while I was not blogging, all of California caught on fire.

We've had a lot of bad air quality, and suns that look like the world is ending.
fire sun

This means the pug, the boy, and often the rest of the family are staying indoors. The good news is that despite all the illegal fireworks we heard on July 4th, our very dry hillside didn't combust.

In Shelby news, the pug's got a new rug.

pug on a rug

Steven bought two of these cute round rugs from IKEA. Shelby got one, and we used the other one in front of the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, we found that Shelby thinks all rugs are hers.

She would frequently sit on the one in front of the sink because it's closer to the human food.
After 4 days of this, we gave up and moved the second rug next to Shelby's rug.

Pug 1, Humans 0.

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I don't care how how pitiful you look. No champagne for pugs.

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Two puppies?

My friend, and fellow blogger, weirdgirl and her family came to visit.

Now that I've returned to work, Shelby hasn't been getting quite as much playtime. Grandma does a fine job, and daddy is a great alpha dog, but nobody plays like mommy. Isn't that right Shelby?

So I was glad to see that Shelby could burn off some play energy with Chance, weirdgirl and Keen's little boy.

Two puppies?

I think they both think they are puppies in this photo, yes?

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