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Shaved pugs

Thanks to the GoPugYourself readers who sent me photos of their shaved pugs. Shaving seems to be quite popular in hot areas.

This is a photo of Beatrix, Diane's pug before she's shaved. Beatrix, before a shave

...and after a shave. This was the first time, so Beatrix is sporting some shaving lines, but Diane tells me that the groomer has figured out how to avoid the lines. Beatrix, after a shave

And here is Beatrix after her hair grows back. Diane tells me that she can tell that Beatrix needs another shave when the little pug starts rubbing against the couch. Nice bear Beatrix! Beatrix, regrowth

Eric sends us a photo of his dog Louie after his groomer Dina has clipped him. Louie, shaved Louie, shaved

And here's a photo of Louie with his coat regrown. Louie, regrowth
Everyone seems to agree that while the coat is growing back out, sometimes it will grow in unevenly, but that the coat looks the same after regrowth with no long term effects. Eric mentioned that Louie is clipped, not shaved, and emphasizes the importance of finding a good groomer.

Thanks so much to Diane and Eric for sharing the photos. I'm glad to see that your pugs are happy with their short coats.

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Front row seats at the slot car races

The boy has just realized his dog is awesome. Thus far, Shelby has been quite interested in him, but he hadn't been very interested in Shelby. (Who can blame him really. He was busy figuring out that his fingers were attached to his hand.) That all changed today when we got a huge kick out of the little slot car track that Steven setup.

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GoPugyourself Reader Myth Buster Day: Shedding

Myth: You can keep a pug from shedding
I've heard of 3 methods to keep a pug from shedding.

  1. Salmon oil, and Hemp seed oil, combined with a high quality food.
  2. The Furminator
  3. Shaving the pug's coat shorter

Shedding is always a hot topic with pug owners. It is said, and rightly so, that a pug sheds only once, for 365 days. Personally, I've tried adding oil to Shelby's diet, and there seemed to be no notable difference. I've also tried the Furminator, both the professional process, and the at-home kit. It seems to work as well as any bath at the groomers and doesn't seem to have a lasting effect. Which leaves the last option. Steven and I had discussed shaving Shelby, but the groomer at PetSmart cautioned us that the fur may never grow back the same.

So I declare this GoPugYourself Reader feedback day. I've you've tried any of these shedding control methods on your pug please leave a comment and tell me how it went.

I'm especially interested in photos of shaved pugs. Do they really look funny? Email them to shelby [at] gopugyourself.com and I'd be happy to post them on the blog, or email me a link to the photo.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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Rock the baby to sleep

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Just another lazy pug morning

Sunbathing I'm jealous.

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Did I hear treats?

No miss Shelby, you did not hear treats. This is Vin on his new activity mat. It's got a lot of bits that contain crunchy plastic. That purple elephant in Vin's hand has crunchy sounding ears. Great for a kid learning about different sounds... where are the treats? ...confusing for a pug who has learned that crunching plastic means a bag of chips is being opened. Note Steven's hand trying to stop Shelby from eating Vin's new toy.

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Sniff sniff

checking out the new addition Vin falls asleep while playing in her activity mat. I guess it's not quite as stimulating as it used to be. Shelby takes this opportunity to sniff the boy. I could tell that she really wanted to inspect that diaper, but I called her away for a snack before she got the chance.

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Cuteness attacks!

Shelby at 4 months wearing Doggles. Vin at 4 months wearing Doggles! the doggles fit Who's cuteness shall reign supreme?!!!

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