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Pugs and Babies, the Third Trimester

Thanks for all your compliments on Shelby's behavior with her new baby brother Vin. Some of you have asked for more about how they get along, and what can be done to help with the adjustment.

Thinking back, the adjustment for Shelby really started around the third trimester when:
1. I started to get too immobile to play with Shelby
2. My lap started to disappear due to my huge belly.

For Shelby, there is no replacement for mommy playtime. Steven is alpha dog, and for some reason she's just not really into playing with alpha dog. My mom is a nice provider, especially of beef bones, but isn't quite the playmate that I am. Shelby would drop toys at their feet, but would lose interest quickly.

It just wasn't the same. and it would remain that way until I felt fully recovered from the pregnancy, and for the first 2 months of Vin's life. And to be honest, playtime doesn't happen as often as it used to, but Shelby has adjusted well, especially since she has more people in her life to keep her occupied. After all, there are 4 people (including my mom) to follow around instead of 2.

As for my lap disappearing, that was gradual. I had to teach Shelby not to hop on my lap unless invited. We had a couple of missteps there. Once, she was feeling acrobatic and decided to hop from Steven's lap into mine, about 3 feet away. All 20lbs of her landed on the bottom of my tummy (right around where Vin's face was.) A lot of screaming ensued. The pug did get "acrobatic" but not really in the way she intended. She definitely biffed the landing. It must've seared in her memory, because she never tried that again.

This was more of a reflex than a training technique. (Oww! I've just been punched in the gut by my pug!) but it was a handy lesson since she's needs to share the lap with her baby brother.

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I loved your narrative...you should pen an entire book about your young family plus Puggy...you have a nice style....Take care...and hugs for all....

Posted by: AnnCrago | Sep 10, 2008 9:01:42 AM

i can definitely relate to the 'i've been punched in the belly by my pug' story...this has happened a couple of times w/ my girls and there have been tears and yelling, but i just learned to be more careful around them and to have my guard up and not put myself in a situation to let them pounce on me. i wish i could teach them to only jump up when invited, though...a baby isn't going to know to protect herself. i need cesaer milan, dog whisperer. between that fear and the fear that our daughter will never get any sound sleep due to the pugs barking at everything they think they hear, i'm a little nervous, but i'm sure it will all work out. shelby seems much more well-behaved then my girls!

Posted by: jennifer | Sep 11, 2008 2:09:11 AM

Wow! Quite a narrative~ I am sure that Shelby is glad it is over... It sounds like she was a handful to be sure! I am glad she has learned to share so gracefully....

Posted by: Mary and Mia | Sep 12, 2008 2:12:32 PM


Posted by: DEVON VENTER | Apr 4, 2012 7:02:04 AM

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