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Happy Halloween!

from our two little monkeys!

Happy Halloween!

With matching 'Tocks!


Happy Halloween Tails

Pug and boy showed off their costumes at the pumpkin patch last week.
monkeys at the pumpkin patch

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Oops! we are running a little behind for our Halloween festivities!

Alas, the business of mommyhood has caught up with me. I usually have the Halloween photo up by now, but rest assured, there will be a photo of pug and boy later today before everyone heads out for tricks and treats.

Over in our neck of the woods, we have rain in the forecast. And we're new to the neighborhood, so I'm not sure how great a turnout we're going to get. Even so, Steven is prepared with buckets of candy.

We will probably also take pug and boy to a couple of neighbor houses just for fun to show off their little costumes.

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What's in the bag?

Opening her gift

Shelby toy giraffe was looking really worse for wear. Luckily I had anticipated this moment, and had bought a back up toy. This one's a lion instead of a giraffe, but Shelby doesn't care. One safari animal is as good as the other. So when I took giraffe away, I gave her the paper bag that had the lion in it. I had her open it in front of Vin. He was fascinated.

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Reach out and touch somepug

Can I touch your paw?

Vin is learning how to pet Shelby gently. He's still a little grabby, but he's getting a little better at it. Shelby does her part by being tolerant, and letting him pet her when he's near.

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Little gourmands

awaiting peas


I'm glad someone around here likes peas

Well, I'm glad SOMEBODY around here likes their peas.

Hmph. Picky boy. Don't try that innocent look with me.

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But the middle seat is mine :(

sigh...this photo was taken from the front passenger seat of my car. Miss Shelby, your brother's getting heavy, so we need to use the new car seat, and that one has to be installed in the middle. And feigning sadness will not change that. looking dejected Look at it this way...some people LOVE the window seat!

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Luchador Mask pattern

Some of you have asked for the pattern for Shelby's Luchador costume.

I made it myself, so it's fitted to Shelby's head, but if you've got a pug, boston terrier, or other flat nosed dog with a small-ish head, it's worth a try.

I didn't include the seam allowance, so you'd need to add that yourself.

It's worthwhile sewing a practice mask to test the placement of the eye holes.

Download pug-mask.pdf

As for the cape, it's just a rectangle with a half circle cut out for the neck. I didn't use a pattern. I bought the iron on letters from the sewing store, but I'm sure they're available at craft stores as well.

If you do use this pattern, please email me a picture of your dog! shelby at gopugyourself dot com. I'd love to see an army of little poochadors.

UPDATE Forgot to include the photo!

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I'm not touching it till you do

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Itsy Bitsy Lizard

I found a lizard in the hallway, headed straight for our bedroom. I think they're kinda cute, but I don't want to wake to one of them in the bed. My mom handed me a glass container to catch him. Lizard Shelby was fascinated. The quick jittery movements of a tiny lizard is just the sort of thing that gets pugs interested. And by "interested" I mean, she wants to paw at it, then eat it. Never fear, we set the lizard free in the back yard, safe from Shelby's ...ahem...intentions.

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What's going on here?

What's going on here?

Are you two imitating each other again?

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