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...and the pug ran away with the spoon

Grandma feeds boy.

Boy throws spoon.

Pug runs off with spoon.


Chewed Spoon

She's been sitting an the bottom of Vin's high chair for a month now waiting for this moment. I suppose it was just a matter of time.

But what kills me is, she's giving me this look, as if to say...

Chewed Spoon

"Can I have my spoon back now?"

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A little slice of nature

Lake Chabot

Shelby's out on a family hike at Lake Chabot park. It's been a pretty dry year, so no water at this waterfall. But it's still quite pretty.


Oh but when the pug gets tired, guess who has to share his stroller?

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Shelby and mom

Shelby sits on mom's lap and the conversation goes a little something like this.

Can I have some pear?


Can I have some pear?


Can I have some pear?


Can I have some pear?

Ok, fine.

Nom nom nom nom.


Can I have some more pear?

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Behold! Biscuit!

Many of you expressed your condolences to Cat over the loss of her beloved Bam. She wrote me recently, and wanted to share with everyone that she's welcomed Biscuit to her family.

Biscuit 2 

He is a keeper 

Ain't I cute

Congrats Cat. I know there is no substitute for Bam, but I am so glad that you've welcomed Biscuit into your home. He's such a cutie.

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Licked and picked


Poor Steven! Attacked by pug and boy at the same time? Can't a daddy work from home in peace?

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Little munchkins

I set Vin down on the carpet, and Shelby went to join him.

little munchkins

Shelby likes hanging out with him, but his baby grasp is too much sometimes. She often stays just out of reach, just in case Vin is feeling feisty.

The smacking

This time, she left him get just close enough to touch, but not to grab.

Even so, she looks a little worried, doesn't she?

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