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Merry Christmas!

Steven and I have been pretty busy, and we just got around to taking our Christmas photo. It took a fair number of shots to get this one. Shelby is quite experienced at modeling, but Vin kept pulling off his hat.

I think this photo turned out quite well. Vin looks jolly, but Shelby the Reindeer looks awfully worried. Why is that?

Merry Christmas

Ah...that's why.

christmas outtake
Leave her alone Vin, can't you see she's working very hard for her treat?

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Best socks ever!

My friend Caren bought Vin a set of socks for Christmas.

Next to a lump of coal, I think socks would be high on a kid's do-not-want present list.

But these are awesome!

Best socks ever!

Even more amusing is that Shelby doesn't know what to make of them.

Best socks ever!
Now it's time to go on a stomping spree and inflict a wave of destruction through the city.

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The Naughty List

What's going on here! Steven and I should've known better than to trust the pug not to open her Christmas presents until the 25th after the Mister Duck incident. I'm still not sure how she always managed to figure out which one is hers. Perhaps the dog picture on the front was a dead give away.


And now the boy is following in her poor example! Not only is he crawling around, but he consistently makes a break towards the gifts under the tree, and even managed to tear one of his gifts open. Egad! How does he know which one to open?!

Lucky for us, he's still terribly slow at dragging himself around. But give him a week or so, and we may not get there fast enough.

You two better behave. It's not too late to get on Santa's naughty list.

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Pug with X-ray vision

Steven sometimes sends me edits of photos I post online.

This one I found particularly funny, and worthy of it's own post.

x-ray pug

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Happy 5th Birthday Shelby!

Happy 5th B-day Shelby

Everyone was sick for Shelby's birthday. Boo. Luckily, we picked up her cake the weekend before and stored it in the freezer. When I pulled it out of the freezer, she knew what was up, and started circling like a shark around fresh chum.

The boy on the other hand, had no idea what was going on, but enjoyed it nonetheless, as you can see from these outtakes of Shelby's birthday photo.

Happy 5th B-day Shelby

Happy Birthday Shelby!

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Shelby's Thanksgiving Turkey "Laser Eyes"


Normally, I retouch the blue eyes...but this time, I think they're appropriate, as Shelby stares down the remaining turkey and tries to will it into her waiting mouth.

We'll be taking a little break on the blog while the boy and I recover from a cold. It's day 4 of sore throat, coughing and sniffling, and I'm quite sick of it. Vin is taking it much better than me. Since Shelby can't catch human colds, it's nice to have her company while I recover.

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I'll come back for you. I promise!

I'll come back for you
Ok, so perhaps that overdramatizes things a bit.

Shelby can't always come with us, and she's so upset when we leave. Sometimes I like to think that putting Vin with her while we get ready to go is helpful...but more likely she's just waiting for her treats that are sitting on top of the gate.

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