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Back from the flu!

Sorry for the radio silence. I was hit with the flu early this week and it had really screwed with well...everything. I have no idea if the flu shot I got early in the season worked at all. I still got the flu. Other the other hand, I'm mostly better in 4 days. Vin got a flu vaccine this year too, and I'm trying hard not to give this to him especially since the vaccine didn't seem all that effective.

I'm feeling a little better now, so let's start with

An Inauguration update
We had front row seats...
...to our TV. Here's Shelby ignoring our state senator. Vin is in his Sunday best, and Steven is wearing his Obama sweatshirt, though you can't tell from this angle. I worked from home that morning so we could watch it together.

Next up, Chinese New Year!
Shelby's a seasoned pro at this holiday and just barely fits her little dress. This was Vin's first Chinese New Year! Doesn't he look confused next to grandpa? What do you think of the little jacket I made him?

Gung Hei Fat Choy
Shelby got a fine bone, and didn't even notice when the power went out that night. Luckily, my mom was just moments away from finishing the dinner preparations before we lost power.

Red Envelopes were handed out by candle light, (which explains the heavy flash in this photo).
Gung Hei Fat Choy
Shelby don't eat that envelope!

A good time was had by all.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Run over

Are you two having fun running around the house?

run over

Oh wait...who's little feet are those sticking out from the bottom of the walker?
run over closeup
Shelby, is that your squeaky lion?

Is that why you've got this look on your face?

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I fed myself today!

I fed myself today!

And that's why there's bananas on my tray and hands, vegetable beef pilaf on my face and in my hair.

Note that this is also why there's an attentive pug in the corner, waiting for more bananas to drop, and a very very tired mama.

Guess who's getting a second bath today?

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How much does a pug shed?

This much.

How much does a pug shed?

And she doesn't seem remotely apologetic about it.

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Teething Toast

teething toast
Vin is old enough to feed himself a snack. Here he is with a teething toast. It's basically, a gigantic crouton. He sucks on it. It gets soggy. Some makes it into his mouth, but a lot ends up all over him. I'll sometimes brush him off in front of Shelby so she can get the crumbs.

want some?
Hey hey! Don't give that to Shelby yet. You've just started eating it!

He thinks feeding Shelby is great fun. I've seen him offer her his toast, she'll lick it, and then he'll stick it back in his mouth. GROSS!

I moved him to the kitchen so I could keep an eye on him so that wouldn't happen again. I was tidying up the kitchen while he dutifully ate his toast, and Shelby stayed on her mat. But I had to leave briefly to get something, and upon my return I find a boy who is rather proud of himself, and an suspicious looking pug.

toast is gone!

Son....where's your toast?

nobody's talking
As usual, nobody's talking.

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Always on the hunt for a cozy place

and apparently that cozy place is Vin's car seat.

Car Seat Dog Bed

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We're back.

Let's start with an update on Christmas 2008.

I took the week off to relax and to prep for Christmas. I was making rice crispy bears for our extended family but boy and pug had other ideas. This is the first time I've ever made rice crispy treats and it turns out Shelby goes NUTS for them. I couldn't get her out of the kitchen. The boy is rarely far behind the pug and kept crawling his way into the kitchen too.

So the holiday started with me kicking these two munchkins out of the kitchen.

Don't give me that look. You know what you did.

But Christmas morning was great! Vin is wearing the pajamas I made him. He's not very experienced at opening presents, but Shelby is an expert and helps him out. gifts
And before everyone gets up in arms about it, No I did not get the boy butt wipes for his first Christmas. I was just using the box. I'll have you know it was a lovely bead maze that he seems to enjoy.

Shelby then helped me open a present. Thanks Shelby. :)

more gifts

As for Shelby, she got a little stuffed tiger that she has already gutted, a bag of organic treats, and a rope toy...

and of course...

christmas bone

a Christmas bone.

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