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Books are for Babies

Books are for babies

Little Vin had a big breakthrough this week when he learned that books are more fun to open than eat. This is him, holding his complimentary copy of Goodnight Moon. I think this is the standard welcome gift for being born. We haven't read it much, but it's pretty beat up anyway. Most of his little board books have worn spines, not from reading, but from being chewed by the boy.

Shelby is partial to the occasional magazine and sometimes junk mail, but we don't let her eat books. As you can see from her disinterest, Shelby thinks books are a waste of space if you can't munch on them, which is pretty much how she feels about most things.

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Pug and boy reporting in from the park

Not very many adventures as of late for pug and boy. It's been raining a lot over here, which means Shelby is largely house bound. There was a brief break in the storm a couple days ago, which was nice because we sensitive California-types were starting to get depressed from the lack of sun. Steven took the opportunity to take a walk to our neighborhood park with Shelby and Vin while I stayed home and worked.

I fully expected a call from a frustrated daddy asking to come pick them up due to a whiny boy and unruly pug, but instead I got these pleasant photos from Steven's iPhone. The family returned in a good mood, and Steven even commented on everyone's excellent behavior. Good job family!

at the park
Vin, is the sun in your eyes? Why are you squinting? Hmm maybe you just woke up? Shelby doesn't seem to be having any trouble.

on the swing
Whoa! That curvy sidewalk behind you makes it look like Tim Burton designed this park.

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Too much begging

I mentioned in a previous post that Shelby is having a little trouble fitting into her Chinese dress. Steven and I have noticed recently that the little pug's waist is not quite what it used to be. We have two suspects;

Grandma and Vin

My mom, upon reading this post, will probably vehemently protest that it is lack of exercise that has made Shelby a bit pudgy, and she would be right about that. Steven and I haven't taken her out for very many walks as of late. The snacks my mom gives Shelby are probably healthy ones.

Our second suspect is Vin.

I have seen him casually toss an entire piece of teething toast, and untold numbers of banana puffs on the ground simply to see Shelby gobble them all up. As a result, Shelby has started waiting right next to him for the next treat to fall.

The other day, I caught her waiting far too close.

obnoxious begging
Now Shelby, that's just impolite.

This is where she's supposed to be when Vin is eating.
begging from afar
But she's never there unless I tell to her sit there.


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Keeping toasty

Wow, it's amazing how far behind I fall on stuff when you're sick. Steven and I have been restoring order to the house. I think we're all caught up now.

It's been pretty cold and rainy, and so I used a small space heater to keep my feet warm while I was working at home. Shelby made herself cozy too. The air really circulates in the area below my desk making it extra toasty for her.

keeping toasty

Hope you're all keeping cozy on Valentines Day!

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