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Doggie toys

dog toys

Hi Vincent.

That's Shelby's doggie toy.

I guess you don't really care.

And it seems she doesn't either.

So I guess you can play with that....just try not to eat it.

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You gonna eat that?

you gonna eat that?

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The evils of black coffee

Coffee has been the source of great woe in the household this weekend. Yesterday, I let Vin crawl around the dining and living room, and while I was distracted, he found a cup of black coffee to play with. I heard splish splashing, and found the boy covered in cold black coffee, and sticking his hand in the cup to play with the remaining liquid.

Egad! If it didn't leave such a stain, I'd think it was cute. As is stands, you can see where the accident happened. This is Shelby's "I'm not guilty" face.
not guilty

at the scene

However, this morning, Shelby followed Steven down the hall, and moments later I hear a bunch of words that are not fit for this blog. Shelby had come up so fast behind Steven that she tripped him. She put some serious distance between her and Steven, and now we have a nice stain in the hallway too.

Sigh. Who on earth installs white carpet anyway? Seems to me that Murphy's Law would guarantee that black coffee and wine would be spilled on it.

the source of all evil, this week

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No worries, we're still here

Thanks for the comments. We're all still here. Vin had a bought of something or other last week. Steven and I determined that he probably inhaled a piece of rice into his lungs and spent a week trying to cough it up. The boy is in good spirits. He is also starting to get his 2 front teeth!

Shelby is also doing well. I've been trying to get a photo of the two playing together. Vin has taken to playing doggie games like "chase" and "steal the toy." But these two have been very uncooperative in front of the camera. Either they are moving too fast, or only showing their back sides to the camera.

I'll try to get the little ones to cooperate this weekend.

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No fair!

High chair

Here's the boy in his new high chair. The seat is adjustable in height which is nice because we no longer need to sit on a baby stool to feed him. We also found a little bowl with a suction cup so that he can practice eating like an adult.

While this is all great for Vin, Shelby thinks this totally sucks! This adds another 10in between her and snack nirvana. Plus the tray is much bigger so fewer banana puffs fall. Who's great idea was this?! Return it! Return it!

Sorry Shelby, we can't return it. You ate the packaging, remember?

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Can I have yours?

yours looks better

We bought the boy a real high chair the other day. It came with cardboard packing materials and Steven gave one to Shelby and one to Vin to play with so that they would leave him alone while he was assembling it.

Although Vin has his own, he's convinced that Shelby's tastes better.

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Time for a hike

We had a 1 day break in the dreary weather, and Steven took the opportunity to take pug and boy out for a hike. A friend of ours gave us this backpack, which is pretty nice because I don't think we could've justified the price of buying a new one seeing as how we don't go on hikes that often. Shelby is suited up and ready to go. Vin is snug in the back but insists on sticking his face in the sun.

Time for a hike

Steven returned quite happy with how everything worked out. He made it all the way up to the park. (all uphill!)

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She's not all paws

Sometimes when we leave to house and we can't bring Shelby, we leave her with a treat stick to keep her  busy. I fill it with some low cal treats, and she kicks it around the floor getting treats to fall out of the hole.

We came home yesterday and Shelby was excited to see us as usual. But I noticed that the top to the treat stick was unscrewed. As you can see from the photo, Shelby did not evolve opposable thumbs while we were out, so it's a mystery how she did this.

posessed pug opens treat stick

I dunno about those blue eyes, but nice tongue Shelby.

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