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Everybody's sleepy


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Our belated Easter post

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. I was very much hoping to have our Easter video edited and posted to the blog by now, but after much head scratching while trying to learn my new video editing software, I've decided to just do the Easter post without it.

The bad news is that although Shelby was in the video, she moved too fast for any of the still shots. No matter, the photo below tells the story.

Here we have Vin, sitting with a bunch of empty plastic eggs. This is his first Easter, so he's not aware that the eggs are supposed to have a treat in them. It was also Shelby's first Easter, but she caught on really quick, much quicker than Vin.

Shelby wins Easter
So here we have the result. Shelby has already laid carnage to all the eggs, and Vin is left holding the empty shells. I had placed a Yogurt Melt in each egg. Shelby got 4 before we had to stop her so that Vin could find the remaining 2.

So that's 4 to 2. Shelby wins Easter.

But don't feel bad for Vin. He liked the eggs more than the Yogurt Melts anyway.

hangin with daddy

What's a pug to do after dining on Yogurt Melts? Hang with Daddy and have a martini of course! Steven is rocking her back and forth in the jogging stroller as they lounge around enjoying the nice weather.

the baby Easter Bunny

Meanwhile, Vin shows off his bunny teeth with this great hat my mom made for him.

Happy Belated Easter everyone!

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Getting the word out: a postcard for a pound of dogfood

I received this email from Cheryl over at pugfessions.com about her fundraiser. She's convinced Rachael Ray to donate a pound of dogfood to a dog shelter for every creative postcard sent to Cheryl. She has a goal of 6000 postcards (aka 6000 lbs of dogfood) and she's at 1820.

Check out the program at her website pugfessions.com, the information as well as the new story is on the right hand side of her blog.

Good luck Cheryl, and thanks for helping out needy dogs!

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This week Vin turned 1! Good job everyone! We all survived our first year together, and we even had fun along the way. Here's Vin with his first cuppy cake It took me half a day to make due to general baking incompetence, but I think the final result tasted pretty good. Steven doesn't care for banana flavor cake,and by the looks of it, Vin doesn't seem to either, but he did eat some cake. Shelby LOVED it. (Recognize the party hat? It's Shelby's. :)

How do I open this?

That's a big present. How will you ever open it?

Shelby to the rescue 
Shelby to the rescue! She's really excellent at opening gifts.

A new car!

(In Bob Barker Voice) It's a new car!

But wait there's more.

A new wardrobe!

OK, those are a little boring for pug and boy. What else is there I wonder?

My first drum!

Your very own drum!

Happy birthday little guy.

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