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Day in the Life: Tuesday Morning

Gopugyourself reader, Milly asked what my day is like before and after work, which made me realize that I've never done a Day-In-the-Life post on this blog before. While I don't have a maid, Steven and I do have help Mondays - Thursdays when my mom stays with us. That said, I would still LOVE to have a maid. I'm a terrible keeper of the house. Martha Stewart would be ashamed. But that will become more obvious in subsequent Day-in-the-life posts.

Tuesday Morning:

Usually my alarm goes off at 6:15, before Vin wakes up, so I get a chance to get ready for work before he starts to cry for his milk. Today he's an early bird, so that's not going to happen. Luckily I took the day off for my annual Doctor's checkup, so I can stay in my PJs for a while.

We call this Vin's "stink face." Cheer up baby! The bottle's here."
Day in the Life: Milk

Everything gets quiet and calm once the bottle is in his mouth, so I use that opportunity to change his diaper without a fight. I'm supposed to wean him off the bottle soon. That's going to be rough on the morning diaper change.
Day in the Life: Diaper change

Once again, it's Vin's stink face. He wants breakfast, and he's mad that I took his bottle away to wash. Once Vin is in the high chair, Shelby appears, ready for her breakfast as well. She used to get up when I got up, but realized it was pointless since no food would appear until Vin settled down.

Day in the Life: Breakfast
Shelby loves breakfast.

Day in the Life: Breakfast

I start Vin off with something he can eat with his fingers which gives me time to make his oatmeal and yogurt. Shelby is always there to clean up the spills. She's excellent at it.

Day in the Life: Breakfast
While Vin is munching on bananas, I empty the dishwasher. We run the wash every other day or so.

Day in the Life: Dishes

I pour our coffees. Our coffee machine has a timer, which makes mornings a little easier.
Day in the Life: Coffee
Vin's patience with breakfast wears thin, and I hand him kitchen playthings to keep him busy while he finishes eating. Sometimes he needs to be convinced that breakfast is a good idea, so I'll give him a banana slice, and when he opens his mouth to eat it, I shove in a spoonful of yogurt and oatmeal.

Day in the Life: Breakfast
I notice we're out of string cheese, so I add it to the list. Keeping a running grocery is a lot easier when there are 3 adults in the house. Mom and Steven rotate cooking duty, so the list keeps us from guessing. I also keep a list of what Vin eats every day, which makes handing off baby duty easier as well.

Day in the Life: Lists

As for my breakfast, I usually eat leftovers. Today, it's Bolani. It's a strange breakfast, but it works, and it's fast. While I'm eating, Vin is playing with kitchen utensils and a bead maze with suction cups that anchor it to the high chair table.

Day in the Life: Breakfast
I wash the breakfast dishes, and now it's time to dress Vin. He's cranky today, so I put his favorite toy in the crib with him while I figure out what to dress him in. This is the part of the morning where Shelby disappears back into her bed as there's no more food falling from the sky. "No manna from heaven? Forget it, I'm going back to bed."

Day in the Life: Rocket

Dressing him in the crib is easier than the changing table. He's very active this morning and I don't want him to fall off the edge.
Day in the Life: Gettiing Dressed
He's trying to grab my iPhone. He learned to navigate the pictures by running his finger across the screen and now he howls for it whenever he sees it. Ugh.

Then I make the bed, while Vin explores the bedroom. We keep the bed simple. Just pillows, and a duvet cover. I don't have time or patience to deal with flat sheets.

If this were a regular work day, Steven would have cleaned up the doggie poop. By 8:10 we would have either handed off Vin to my mom while Steven drops me off at the BART station to go to work, or if mom wasn't there, we would bring him along.

It's taken a year, but we finally gotten to the point where mornings go a bit more smoothly.

As for the Day-in-the-life-Evening and Weekend post, stay tuned.

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Everybody in the pool!

And by "everyone" I mean "Vin." After all, there's only 2 inches of water. It's 90 degrees today, a perfect time to break in the kiddie pool we bought for 7 bucks. I tossed in a few bath time toys and a naked boy who immediately started laughing and splashing around.

Shelby's a bit more shy about water and watched from the pool's edge. Here she is, gazing at "the moon."

Gazing at the moon

Come on in dada, the water's fine!

Come on in. The water's fine.

And so Steven soaked his feet in the pool while sipping a beer. He set it down for a moment, and found Shelby licking the bottle.

She'd rather have a beer

In fact, here's Shelby licking spilled beer off the concrete. Well she's 5, which is 35 or so in dog years. I guess that's old enough to have spilled beer. (Gopugyourself.com does not condone underage drinking for doggies, however, licking concrete is perfectly fine.)

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Happy Mother's Day!

Vin started mother's Day early by waking up at 4:30am. He's usually a pretty good sleeper. Thankfully Steven took the midnight shift.

It's still early in the day so we haven't headed off to brunch yet. Neither Vin or Shelby are good at making macaroni pictures, but were playing together which always makes me smile.

I'm seriously hoping that this stays playful and sweet. If it gets out of hand, I'm sure some parent at the playground will say "hey your dog just stole my kid's toy!"

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Poor Shelby puts up with a lot

Poor Shelby. She's got a little brother who really wants to play with her, but is really clumsy about how he does it. Vin will often run off with that little orange toy hoping that Shelby will chase him for it. If she doesn't, he comes back and waves it in front of her face, although sometimes it seems more like he's smacking her in the face.

And the tail! What child can resist grabbing that tail?!

And the bed! Who could resist messing up her bed?

Poor Shelby. You sure are a nice patient doggie. We sure are proud of you.

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Vin's Portrait of Shelby

Well, he helped me push the button anyway. Notice the little toes?

vin's portrait of Shelby

When I showed him the photo in the camera, he touched it and tried to slide it over, just like Steven's iPhone. Sadly, my camera is not nearly so advanced, but I'm sure Apple is flattered that a 1 year old can grasp it's user interface design.

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