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Meeting Charlie, and a Spaghetti Western hanging

This past weekend, the family joined some friends at a local park. This is where Shelby met Charlie pug.
It's too hot to cooperate
As it turns out, Charlie's people have been reading Shelby's blog, and they also have had a recent darling baby addition to the family. And of course, no one was cooperating for a photo shoot with my super slow iPhone camera. Oh well. It's just more proof that they are pugs through and through. At this park, there was a little Pioneer house where kids can sit on a saddle and work bellows, and get up close to a stage coach. We went inside partly out of curiousity, but mostly to cool off in the shade. It was easily 90 degrees outside! This weather is not fit for man nor pug!

Look what else they had inside Pioneer house.
A noose conveniently located at pug level.
Any last words Shelby?


Any last words?
What is she being accused of?

"Wanted in counties of this state
the condemned is found guilty of the crimes of murder, armed robbery,
of citizens, state banks, and post offices,
the theft of sacred objects, arson in a state prison.
perjury,..." ah you get the picture...

Surely she's being framed!

Leave a comment to defend Shelby from this injustice!

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No pug left behind?

I work from home on Fridays, and stepped into the bedroom to have a conference call while Steven, Vin, and Shelby were playing in the playpen. When I got off the call, I returned to this scene. what are you doing in there?

Hi Shelby, did they forget about you?

sleeping it off

Oops, I guess I woke her up. She was snoozing away. Steven and Vin were taking a nap as well, in our bedroom. As it turned out, Steven had lifted the edge of the pen for Shelby to follow them, and she refused to budge.

So no, he did not forget about her. Apparently, she opted to stay in he playpen.

In other news, Vin decided to drink water like Shelby today.

lapping up his water

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The Beach

First Beach Visit
Shelby's an ol' pro at visiting the beach, but this is Vin's first visit. As far as he's concerned, the sound of the ocean is what comes out of his White-Noise-Sheep in his crib. But he was fascinated by the ocean and the sand.

First Beach Visit
The visit started with Vin and Shelby digging up a storm. So much so that a certain enthusiastic boy sent a mound of sand flying into the air with his mighty shovel. A mound of sand that happened to land in mama's mouth. Yuck!

First Beach Visit

Thankfully I had brought some water to rinse out my mouth. Afterwards, I built little sand castle, and Vin and Shelby stormed through them like Godzilla and pug.

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Lookin' Spiffy

Looking spiffy

Shelby went to the groomers, and she's looking neat and pretty. The bandana is sticking out. I think that's because Shelby hopes to catch treats with it.

In other news, Shelby and Vin are getting good at playing together. (I will post pictures when they finally sit still long enough to take one that isn't blurry.) However today we had a snafu during pug and boy playtime. While Shelby wasn't looking Vin poked her right in the poop chute! Eek! Pug scooted off, and I whipped out a diaper wipe before the boy put his fingers in his mouth.

Luckily, Shelby is a very forgiving pug.

Still...that was gross.

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