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On our way to the party

Shelby pug survived her rather unwise consumption with the olive oil / earwig trap. She had no complaints that day, but the following days, there were some instances of yellow barf around the house. Shelby, who usually tries to be respectful of communal areas, mostly barfed in her own bed or crate. Those were the days that I was glad to keep a bottle of Natures Miracle around the house. She's all better now, and I hope she is a little wiser for the experience, but somehow, I doubt it.

Onto this week's adventures.

Vin's cousin turned 1 this weekend, and we all headed down to Central Park in Fremont to celebrate. Vin got to play on the swings. Shelby got a lot of pets and scratches from dog loving park goers. There was hot dogs, spaghetti, pizza, and cake. And I think Shelby got to try a little of everything, but mostly hot dogs.

You would think that these two would be pumped on the drive down but, it was a hot summer day and...

Shelby is very sleepy.
I am very sleepy

Vin too, is very sleepy.

I am very sleepy

Geez, I want to take a nap just looking at these two.

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Who's eating Vin's pumpkin patch?

Back in late June, I got the idea in my head that it would be great to grow a pumpkin for Vin in time to harvest for Halloween. I'm just terrible at gardening, but I really like the idea of growing an edible garden, so we visited a nearby nursery and bought some small pumpkin plants. I bought several just in case I kill some of them.

But shortly after planting them I noticed that something was eating the leaves. I asked the nursery staff, and they suggested that it might be earwigs, and that one way to find out would be to lay out a shallow dish of extra virgin olive oil, and earwigs would be attracted to eating it, and would drown. The lady then proceeded to tell me that it's a bit of a humane death because they die eating something they like, but at that point I wasn't really listening. Sorry, humane earwig death is not really high on my list of priorities.

I set out the extra virgin olive oil at night, and in the morning....nothing. No dead earwigs. The oil was untouched. This can't be right. I am positive I've seen many a happy fat earwig in the back yard.

I decide to leave the dish out the following night just to see if maybe I would catch at least one.

Missing oil

And in the morning....no oil. What? That's weird. How could that be? I mention it to Steven.

Me: "Did you dump the oil in my earwig trap?"

Steven: "No, why would I do that?"

Steven: "..."

Steven: "Shelby!"

As you can see, Shelby is nowhere to be found.

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Rock on!

Here's the little punks now. Vin is playing air drums, and my best guess is that Shelby fancies herself a roadie. Steven is playing drums while I took this photo. I've no idea why Shelby hangs out for this noisy drum set. I'd think she was going deaf except that she can hear the fridge door opening from across the house.

Vin is wearing a pair of headphones to dampen the noise.


as for my ears...well, I didn't hang out for another picture.

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Follow the treat stick

Shelby understands what toys are hers, and which are not. Vin doesn't. In fact, he LOVES Shelby's toys. He's carrying her green treat stick in his hand. I think this series of photos shows how patient Shelby can be.

Follow the treat stick

Follow the treat stick

Follow the treat stick

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Paper fight!

We've had tissue paper on the windows due to a botched order from 3 Day Blinds. (Make that 3 Month Blinds.) We've been baking all summer, and the furniture is faded. Finally one of the blinds came in, and we took down one of the sheets of paper for pug and boy to have fun with. And in case anyone has trouble seeing the video, here's some photos. Paper


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Happy Independence Day from Shelby "Not Guilty" pug

Shelby celebrates Independence Day as a free pug! Thanks to all voicehd for Shelby's character. Any defense that incorporates references to Johnny Cochrane AND The Fugitive is pretty creative. I think the only thing missing would be a haiku...or perhaps a limmerick.

Since fireworks don't bother Shelby much, especially if we are around, you'll be please to know that not only did Shelby not get hanged, but enjoyed her freedom by exploring the back yard.

Sniffing around

While we were hanging out in the back yard watching fireworks around the bay, Shelby was off in the dirt. I think she found something that smells interesting...

Sniffing around

...and by "interesting" I mean "disgusting."

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