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Paper fight!

We've had tissue paper on the windows due to a botched order from 3 Day Blinds. (Make that 3 Month Blinds.) We've been baking all summer, and the furniture is faded. Finally one of the blinds came in, and we took down one of the sheets of paper for pug and boy to have fun with. And in case anyone has trouble seeing the video, here's some photos. Paper


July 6, 2009 | Permalink


Hi Shelby Lovers! Vin's red hoodie has a cute dog on a skateboard? Cute! My goodness Vin is screaming with delight about the paper??

Posted by: Jade | Jul 6, 2009 7:55:28 AM

...OH MY...and a giggly, noisey ,time was had by all....looks like fun...wish I could'a helped!!! Hope you are a little cooler soon....cute hoodie too....

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jul 6, 2009 10:38:25 AM

I'm not sure if Pug or Boy was having the most fun.

Posted by: Bo | Jul 6, 2009 2:01:10 PM

Who needs REAL toys?


Posted by: edie | Jul 6, 2009 2:25:19 PM

haha my pug Cora is sitting on my lap watching this video, doing the pug "head tilt" at all the racket.

Posted by: Ellen | Jul 7, 2009 6:40:04 PM

I'm more impressed with Shelby than ever. When my grandson was that age and hit that high pitch squealing all four of my Pugs would head for the hills. Enjoy the low cost toys while you can! Hope your holidays were great.

Posted by: CHINAPUG1 | Jul 8, 2009 2:54:12 AM

Love it! Vin's laugh/squeels are delightful.By the way, Shelby is a wonderful sister-pug.

Posted by: Cris | Jul 8, 2009 6:18:25 PM

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