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Vacation Recap: Beach time!

One of the reasons we picked the rental house was because it was so close to the beach. Here's Vin and Shelby playing in the sand. I tried to get them to sit in front of Steven's sand castle off in horizon, but as you can see, photographing kids and dogs can be a bit tricky.

Beach play

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Our vacation recap: Kicking things off right

Shelby and Vin help start vacation by tussling with the Red Stripe box.

Red Stripe

Good job you two.

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A harbor pug

Steven and Shelby went on an adventure today. We had lunch at Betty's Burgers. This casual burger joint serves a fantastic patty. They're located right inbetween two streets, so there's plenty of traffic around the dog friendly patio. Some would consider this a drawback, but when your loud toddler stays upbeat because there's a car or truck driving by, the traffic's a feature! Unfortunately, we heard rumors that downtown Santa Cruz prohibits dogs. I was surprised, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't sure how to confirm the information. Steven and I decided not to chance it, and the family split up. Steven and Shelby went back to the house by way of beach, and Vin and I went downtown.

Here's some photos Steven took of Shelby at Santa Cruz Harbor.

photo(2) photo
The way back traverses several beaches separated by rocks at high tide. All the beaches connect at low tide. But this was high tide and Steven and Shelby had to run to beat the waves to keep from getting wet. At one point, Steven was splashed up to his knees in water, but he picked up Shelby to spare her a cold splashing. Pug and man proceeded without incident back home.

My visit to downtown Santa Cruz was nowhere near as eventful.

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We're on vacation!

The whole family's out on vacation! I managed to find a beach house rental that takes dogs in Santa Cruz. I brought the computer so hopefully I'll be able to post some updates on our activities.

Hope everyone's enjoying the last weeks of summer.

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Operation Cheer Up is Successful!

Thanks everyone for posting your happy stories to Shelby's blog. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

My turn to post a funny photo.

I got this pug head card from my friends at work, and showed it to Vincent. Besides that the card looked an awful lot like Shelby, Vincent also managed to hold it in front of her so it looked like her head.


Pug and boy have grown increasingly aware of the camera, so I am completely shocked that I was able to catch this moment in pixels

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Time to delurk, because I need some cheering up

I've been watching too much news. I was doing a good job of handling the emotional roller coaster that is Iraq, Iran, our environment, and our economy, but being a new mom means I find myself particularly sensitive to News stories where children are hurt.

And there was a story tonight, and I'm having a hard time shaking it for some reason.

So I need some cheering up.

If you've got a happy / funny / uplifting story about your dog or kid, or both, it's time to share it. Tell me about it by leaving a comment.

Thanks so much. :)

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We've been tagged!

Some of you may have noticed that Shelby was tagged by Kendall.

And the rules are to post a photo that you hadn't previously posted to your blog and tell a story about it, so i picked this one.

Christmas 2007

I don't often include pictures of me on this blog, which is why I didn't post this at Christmas time, but I think it's sweet that pug and boy are intently focused on this Christmas gift. They've been great partners in tearing things apart ever since.

I'm supposed to tag 5 other dog blogs, but like Kendall, I too only regularly follow one, which is Miko and MeiMei over at http://mypugsblog.blogspot.com/

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Photos from the party

Pug and Boy attended their first birthday party last weekend, and my cousin just sent photos of the event. Here's a photo of Vin, milk'in it.


Milkin' it

I know, I know. He's 16 months and still sucking milk out of a bottle. Though he know how to use a sippy cup and a straw, he doesn't seem to like anything but water in them. When I give him milk with a straw, he spits it out like it's medicine. (We're working on it.) Vin ate plain spaghetti and part of a hot dog, and because he's a sloppy eater, this pretty much means Shelby at them too.

Emboldened by the abundant snacks, she really started pushing her luck.


Begging for cake

No Shelby, you cannot "have any cake," nor can "you eat it too."

(and yes, Steven's sitting in Vin's stroller.)

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