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Last night, Steven woke to find Shelby staring at him.

"Did you need to go out?"

He opened the bedroom door, but Shelby stuck by his side.

That's when Steven noticed something between the glass door and the screen door.


Mouse! Or...rat?!

So long as we don't open the door, it can't get in the house. Luckily we have other doors. Pug and boy are entralled.

I find it funny that their reaction is pretty much the same. Now...what to do about this varmit.

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Our neighborhood held a garage sale, and we picked up this fire pit for 20 bucks. Which means it's time for smores! Not wanting Vin to get burned, we waited until after he fell asleep. Shelby joins in the festivities, but only got dog biscuits. Silly Shelby, dogs can't have chocolate.

It was a nice affordable night at home. Shelby got a restful break from brother herding, and had the chance to pretend she's the "only child" again.

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Poo Courier

Poo Courier

It's your poop Shelby. You should accept the responsibility of carrying it to a garbage can.


As you can see, she performed her duties perfectly.

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Aldo's, a Dog-friendly restaurant

I think I mentioned my disappointment in dogs not being allowed on the wharf, in downtown, or on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Well here's a place that welcomes dogs. Aldo's at the harbor has a patio that allows dogs. You can sit and watch the boats sail in while enjoying lunch.

Here's Shelby, being a very good girl. She's hoping for a french fry to drop.

At Aldo's

She's sitting next to a high chair that...


is holding a very naughty boy who thinks it's hilarious to scream at the top of his lungs throughout lunch!

Despite that, we had a nice lunch.

Another dog friendly restaurant is The Crepe Place. It has a lovely garden in the back that takes dogs. There's no ocean view, but the food is fantastic.

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I forgot the cameraphone photos!

Oops! I completely forgot that I had taken photos of our vacation with my camera phone too. They're more like the outtakes of our vacation, but maybe you'll like them.

Here's a photo of how we baby-proofed the kitchen. There's basically a huge playpen around the entrances.
Baby and pug proofing the kitchen

Unfortunately for Shelby, baby-proofing the kitchen also means pug-proofing the kitchen. No fair!

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Vacation Recap: Train time

On our last full day in Santa Cruz, we headed for nearby Felton to the Roaring Camp Railroad to ride their narrow gauge steam engine. Good news! Roaring camp is dog friendly! Neither Vin, Shelby, or I had ever been, and were so pleasantly surprised by the nice picnic areas and beautiful train. Here's a picture of the Dixiana at the start of our ride through the forest.

It was a lovely relaxing ride, with pug and boy on their best behavior.

The Dixiana

Midway through the train ride, we stop at a picnic area to take pictures. Here's Shelby sitting in front of a cross section of a 1000 year old redwood. Shelby takes pictures like a pro.

1000 year old redwood

Her brother?....not so much.

1000 year old redwood

(Don't worry, he had a great time on the train.)

On the way back, Shelby got a little sleepy.


Next time, we might take a picnic lunch and try the beach train that goes down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

If you go, make sure you look up the right timetable. On weekdays, there's limited train rides.

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