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Happy Halloween!

From my little WILD THINGS!

Wild Pug

Oh this little Wild Thing doesn't look very happy with me at all. I'm sure the droopy horns don't help.

Wild Pug

I carved matching pumpkins. Shelby is being good by not eating them. Some of you may recognize the pumpkin on the right as the same monster that Shelby is dressed as. As for the one on the left, he's also inspired by a Wild Thing, but..well..anyway, I had 2 pumpkins so I figured I'd best carve them both.

Wild Things

Our photo shoot was wild as well. Keeping Vin and Shelby in the same photo proved impossible until I sat them down with a piece of cheese bread.

Wild Pug

Mmm. Cheese bread.

nom nom nom

Wild Things

Shelby stalks the cheese bread.

Wild Things

And her persistence pays off! Yum!

And for those of you who missed out on previous years costumes, Here's links!

2008: Monkeys

2007: Teen Wolfpug

2006: La Mucha Poochador

2005: Yoda Pug

2004: Year of the Bat

(I can't believe I've been doing this for so long.)

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omg! Caught playing a new game this morning!

OMG, New Game!

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Shelby goes to work

Last week, Shelby came to work with me. She even attended our technical team meeting...

Shelby is unimpressed

...but as you can see she was unimpressed with our agenda. In fact, she let out a big snort in the middle of the meeting, and all decorum was lost.

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