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Helping mama clean up the leaves...

...makes the task 3 times longer, but 4 times cuter...



...and then daddy had to come back and redo the whole job after mama, Vin, and Shelby were "done."

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I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

We visited Steven and my Family's place as we have for the past few years. While I was packing for the trip, Steven and Vin were in the atrium. All of a sudden I heard him shout... Oh My God! What's in your hand!

And there was our excited little boy proudly showing his daddy what he had found hidden in the fall leaves.

A dead baby bird.


A vigorous hand washing ensued.

After that, we headed over to Steven's family's place where their dog Bagel and Shelby played and chased  for hours. On the car ride to my parent's place, Shelby was exhausted.

oh so tired

But Shelby's never one to be a wall flower when there's people and food about, she made her rounds and chased kids despite her exhausting morning.

As for dinner, I didn't get any photos because Vin was being picky. My mom made the traditional green bean casserole with fried french onions on top, and Vin didn't like stuff on his green beans. I had to wash all the good stuff off the beans so he would eat them.

Shelby identified Vin as the person most likely to drop stuff, and sat under him the whole time.

After dinner was done, she hopped up on my mom's lap and allowed people to worship her.

Bless you pug

And so this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for:

1. my wonderful family

2. That Vin likes green beans

3. That Vin did NOT eat the baby bird

4. That Shelby is so good with Vin

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving too!

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Cozy Sleepy Pug...

requests that I do not disturb her by rubbing my feet on her...

cozy pug

...though it is very very tempting.

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Enzo El Poochador!

Hooray for Puggles! Susan sent in this great photo of her dog Enzo, who won the costume contest at doggie day care.

Enzo El Poochador

Time to start an army of Poochadors!

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More Poochadors!

Shelby blog reader Angela sent me these photos of her pugs Brian and Betty in their Halloween costumes.

Awesome! The only thing better than one poochador is two! Brian and Betty have their very own blog. Check them out at http://mynameisinigomontoya.blogspot.com

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The results of our pumpkin patch

For those of you wondering how Vin's pumpkin patch did...well...

mini jack

It's a little small. And it was the only one. But it's awfully cute.

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