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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas so far. Vin and Steven are taking a naps, so I thought I quickly share our Christmas morning with you.

Yesterday I scrambled to get all the present wrapped and labeled. I don't know why I bothered labeling them because just about everything is for Vin. One of his presents was a book about Clifford the big red dog. I read it to him, but it seems Shelby is not impressed by Clifford at all.

Christmas 2009

Shelby was a good girl this year. She put up with an awful lot of shenanigans from her brother, and took it in stride. Let's not forget Vin's new "poke Shelby in the butt" game. Yeah, and she didn't rip his face off for that. stead, Shelby would give him kisses. You are a very good girl Shelby.

Santa brought her a gross stinky hoof in her stocking, and she loves it. I let her gnaw on it behind the gate in the kitchen so that Vin would not bother her, or try to chew it himself.

Christmas 2009

But sometimes the best laid plans go awry, and I forgot to close the doggie section of the gate.

Christmas 2009: the break in

You can see the progression here. Thankfully, he didn't go after the stinky hoof, but he did try to grab the towel from the other side of the gate to get the hoof closer to him.

Shelby also got a squeaky giraffe which she loves. She was moving too fast so we didn't get a picture of her with it, but it was quickly slobbered, and Shelby had also ripped the smile off its face. It's lying on the train tracks in the photo below. Let's hope Christmas train is taking the day off.

Christmas 2009

Suspiciously, the giraffe has not been seen since, making this the fastest disappearing gift in our household, ever. I'm sure he's around here somewhere. Probably just hiding from the menacing pug.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Mama's incredibly delayed post regarding Shelby's Birthday

Oh I have not been very good about keeping y'all up to date! A busy work schedule, a busy holiday schedule, the flu, and poof! no posts! Let's get back on track.

Starting with Shelby's birthday! Our gal turned 6 years old on December 4. Happy Birthday Shelby!

Happy 6th Birthday Shelby!

I really don't know what got into Vin. I think that's his demon face. Normally being near his dog and near a cake makes him pretty agreeable. I think he was unhappy with our request for him to sit still for this picture. He cheered up right after he got his first bite of cheesecake.

We normally get a puppy cake in the shape of a bone for Shelby, but the bakery that sells them closed this year. I found this little cheesecake at the grocery store, and Shelby seemed happy with it, though we're sad the dog bakery closed.

Some of you might also notice our long-suffering birthday hat has also made an appearance. We bought it for Shelby, but it worked out great for Vin's first birthday too. (Shh. Don't tell him we dressed him up in dog apparel.) Sometime between his birthday and Shelby's birthday, he got a hold of the hat and decided it would be fun to tear apart the yellow puff ball on top. And it is. But not for mama. Naughty boy. I had to make some last minute repairs before Shelby could wear it. She can hardly contain her excitement whenever she sees this thing because it means CAKE!

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That's very sweet Vin...

...but Shelby was sleeping before you came to use her as a pillow.

Shelby pillow

Time for bed little guy.

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