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Lookie what mama found in the living room


...and thank our lucky stars that I found it before Vin or Shelby did.

He's not very big. Maybe 8 inches long. And he was slithering along in the middle of a sea of pale carpet. I grabbed a glass jar from the kitchen, and scooped him up before boy or pooch could get to him.

Another fine nature lesson for the boy. Shelby (not shown) is equally fascinated, but I wasn't going to let her stick her head in there.


Mr. Snake was our honored, if not slightly nervous, dinner guest. We had nothing for him to eat, but he sat on the counter while Vin munched on pasta. After dinner we identified him as a Sharp Tailed Snake, the short tail variety. Not poisonous, and likes to eat slugs. My guess is that I disturbed his habitat when I went out weeding this morning. Steven then set him free near a rock in our backyard to go about his business.

This is the same week in which we discovered that rats had chewed holes in the wiper fluid reservior of my car, as well as the carcass of an alarmingly large spider in the garage. I swear, we do live in civilization and not in a rainforest, however I will admit that we are seriously losing our battle with weeds, and they threaten to overtake the house. (I'm considering negotiation.)

In Shelby news, I present the lousiest photo I've ever posted to this blog. Here's a picture of me trying to get Shelby to show off her new white teeth.


Shelby got her teeth cleaned on Friday. We were nervous about the anesticizing her, but it was truly time to deal with it. We looked into cleanings that do not require the dog to be asleep, however it seemed that those treatments didn't get the tartar under the gums, and therefore would not improve breath.

They did a nice job. Her formerly yellow teeth are now nice and white and her breath is much better. She's still recovering. Because the breathing tube was in her for so long, she has a bit of a funny cough and is a bit congested. She also seems to have the "poopy squirts," which I thought was related to the cleaning, however Steven confessed that he was so glad she was back that he fed her a bunch of meat, and Shelby indulged herself just a bit too much. This explains why much of my morning was spent with a bottle of Natures Miracle in hand.

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Happy Chinese New Year and V-Day

We hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day, and if you're just not into it this year, you're in luck, because you can celebrate Chinese New Year instead.

We went to my mom and dad's for New Years Eve for dinner. Lots of dishes with 8 lucky ingredients in them. We also had chicken and fish, which mom tells us is mandatory lucky food for the new year. Vincent collected a bunch of red envelopes, which were not cars, so he didn't care for them and tried to feed them to Shelby. Noooooo!!!! Luckily we intercepted in time, and they're going into his college fund, making me the mama who is no fun at all, but he'll thank me later for this. Although she missed out on eating all the new years envelopes, Shelby got a  bone that night, and was really pleased about it. 

In the evening, Steven, Vin, and I went out for dinner. The restaurant didn't allow dogs, but we made it up to Shelby later by getting her some Frosty Paws. I've seen them in the freezer section at the store, and have been meaning to get some for her.

It went down a little something like this...

Vin and Shelby are playing chase.


I call out, "Sheeeeeellllby! Treeeeeat tiiiiiiime!"


Shelby immediately loses Vin an comes running to the kitchen.

This is her "I'm ready for my treat" face.


And there's the Frosty Paw ice cream treat for doggies. Nothing much to look at, but Shelby seemed to enjoy it. This is one of the few treats she can't just woof down in 5 seconds.

Happy Chinese New Year and V-Day everyone!

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Happy 6th Anniversary Shelby!

That's right. 6 years ago today, we brought home Shelby. 

Back then, Steven and I had just gotten engaged. Shelby would spent half her time at my place, and half at Steven's. Having kids wasn't even on the radar. We are so lucky to have such a sweet tolerant gal who is up for all of our shenanigans, especially at Halloween.

 I gave her a little "hoof time" on her special day.

HAppy 6th Anniversary Shelby!

Not so fast pug! That is NOT coming in the house.

We love you, but that a thing smells like a barn.

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