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Happy Easter

Time for toddler and pug Easter egg hunt. You might recall from last year that Shelby with her keen nose found nearly all the eggs before Vin did. This year, I kept her outside till Vin found at least 3 eggs, and then invited her in to join us. Here they are finding the last egg together.


Good job pup and boy!


April 4, 2010 | Permalink


....Congrats on the hunt for eggs !!! Hope you had a Great weekend !!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Apr 5, 2010 8:52:49 AM

Happy Easter you guys. Didn't Vin have a car with his Easter egg last year too? Love his hair. Shelby's looking like,"What was in this for me?"

Posted by: Bo | Apr 6, 2010 6:59:44 AM

darling pictures, as usual. glad shelby got an egg. blessings...........

Posted by: nadine and pugs | Apr 6, 2010 2:39:47 PM

How did you celebrate Vin's 2nd birthday?

Posted by: arlene | Apr 7, 2010 1:30:47 AM

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