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Let's start with a photo of the happy ending.


But this story begins with Shelby snoozing away in a black beanbag, when Vin walked over, kicked her, in that clumsy toddler way, and yelled "MINE!" Shelby jumped out, and Vin planted his butt in her place....beaming. He was pretty pleased with himself.

Uh oh. My mama-spidey-senses are tingling. Time to spring into action.

I grabbed him and sat him on my knee, and then launched into a 2 minute explanation (an eternity for a toddler) as to why kicking and taking things is not nice, and how his actions made Shelby sad.

As he looked at Shelby, I'm sure he was thinking "but she always looks like that." No matter. Mama says she's sad, so she's sad. In truth, I think she was giving us her indignant face. First she gets kicked, then the kicker gets to sit on my coveted lap. She's probably thinking, "No fair!"

The conversation ended with me convincing Vin he should share the seat with Shelby. And so you have our photo above, one very happy boy, driving his Lightening McQueen car on her back, and one rather tentative looking dog. You can't blame her. This boy just kicked her after all, and lord knows where he's going to try to put that car next.

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Shelby, Shelby Pug, and a Lamb named Soup

Photo on 2010-04-22 at 20.50

Here's Shelby staring into the blue glow of my computer. The boy first started calling her "dada" but that was because for about 3 months, everything was "dada" including the original "Dada," meaning Steven. As his pronunciation got better, her name became "Sha-ey" and now it sounds more like "Shal-yee." The "B" will come eventually. I'm sure of it.

Photo on 2010-04-22 at 20.51

And here we have the toy Shelby. I brought this home from work one day and the boy immediately noticed the similarities. Steven told him it was a pug, and he started calling the toy "Shal-yee pug" and placing it next to Shelby as if it was her puppy. Shelby took no notice at all. In fact, we are quite happy she didn't try to destroy this toy pug.

Photo on 2010-04-22 at 20.48

Which brings us to the only non-pug in our line-up. This is Lambie. I bought her at a Discovery Store about 8 years ago during Easter season because I thought she had a sweet face. It was one of those Charlie Brown "I think this lamb needs me" moments. I'm not sure how the boy found her, but I taught him that this was a lamb and that a lamb is a baby sheep. He was enchanted at his new found knowledge.

The other day, I pointed at Lambie and asked him, "Who's this?"

Vin: "SOUP!"

Me: "No! This is a Lamb!"

The following day, I asked him again.

Vin: "Lamb....SOUP!"

The next day, I ask him again.

Me: What's this?

Vin: "Lamb"

Me: "What's this Lamb's name?"

Vin: "SOUP!"

Me: "...you mean Sue?"

Vin: "SOUP!"

Well OK then. Lambie's name is now Soup.

Later that evening Vin accidentally dropped her in Shelby's water bowl.

I have a feeling Soup is in for quite a ride.

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The real reason I buy organic dog treats

The boy loves feeding Shelby treats. He'll often come up to me with a big smile asking for "Shey-treats." The "LB" combo is still hard for him to pronounce.

Most of the time, he runs off with the treat and Shelby chases him. Sometimes he gives it to her. Sometimes, she takes it. Sometimes, this happens...

And that's the reason I've been buying organic treats for Shelby.

All those Scooby Doo episodes where Shaggy also eats the Scooby Snacks are resonating with me.

It just occurred to me that perhaps he eats them because they taste good. The treats are pizza flavored, and look like a small cracker. I suppose I could try one tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'm as ready to cross the line between man and dog as Vin.

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The Boy turns 2

Vin recently turned 2, and we celebrated by throwing a big playdate at my mom's house. Cousins and playmates came over for food, and ridiculous giggling, and of course, CAKE! Steven tried to teach Vin to respond to the question "How old are you?" with not very successful results.

Me: "How old are you?"

Vin: "Cake!"

Me: "It's your birthday. That means there's going to be party!

Vin: "CAKE!"

Well, so the boy seems to think he's "cake" years old. Oh well.


I spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to fit a Thomas train set into a 2ft x 4ft space in time for the party. The result was a team of toddlers that decided to get all Godzilla on the Island of Sodor. Note to self: Velcroing down the track is a deterrent, but not a solution.


While the concept of turning 2 was lost on him, Vin did correctly learn the word "presents." This one's from Daddy, and as you can see, Shelby, the expert gift opener, is helping him. After all, she has been opening gifts for six years now, somehow managing to completely destroy the packaging, but never the gift itself. Some of you might recall her exploits with Mister Duck. I'm happy to report she's putting her gift opening powers to better use now.


And afterwards, we all had...CAKE!

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Happy Easter

Time for toddler and pug Easter egg hunt. You might recall from last year that Shelby with her keen nose found nearly all the eggs before Vin did. This year, I kept her outside till Vin found at least 3 eggs, and then invited her in to join us. Here they are finding the last egg together.


Good job pup and boy!


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