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My parents remodeled their bathroom, and with that came a few rather large boxes. I took two of them and made Vin a simple play house.

He's been inviting Shelby and me over for dinner a lot. Mostly, he serves stewed cars, tires, bugs (thankfully fake) and in an odd twist of civility...hot tea.

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Enjoying the great outdoors...somewhat.

Shelby and Vin have been enjoying the nice weather. Spring-like weather has finally arrived, and with that the opportunities to go outside and get nature stuck in your eye.

This morning, Steven noticed that Shelby's left eye was puffy. At first we thought maybe it was a food allergy, but when it didn't get better some hours later, Steven brought her to the vet.

doc! there's a foxtail in my eye!

The culprit, a foxtail.


126 bucks later, we have a more comfortable dog, and some medicine for the infection. Small price to pay for keeping her eye.

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