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There's a Scooter in the backyard!


A while back, Steven was fixing up my scooter. He let the fact that we have a back yard go to his head, and took the scooter "offroad." Vin, sensing danger (or perhaps just a not-so-smart idea) hid in the house. Shelby, being older, braver, or perhaps a fan of not-so-smart ideas decided to stay out and chase Steven.

(I do think maybe all the moles in our hill got a really good scare when the scooter came buzzing over them.)

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Good job Shelby, you've finally worn him out.

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Vin takes a picture all by himself


I helped him with this one.


Then he took a picture of me. Now he's asking me "Where'd Mama's head go?"

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Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone's enjoying their Fourth of July celebrations today. Our weekend started Friday evening with me forgetting that the fireworks at the Alameda County Fair were on July 2 instead of the 4th, and by the time I realized it, it was too late to go. Steven thought it was just as well though, because the noise of the fireworks disturbed a Yellow Jacket nest, and well, you can read about it here. Be forewarned though, if you don't like large pictures of wasps, it's probably best not to click on it.

Saturday, we went to Steven's brother's house for a BBQ and pool party. Vin doesn't swim yet, but he's got a large shallow step that big enough for little guys to play in, and while it took some time to get used to the idea, Vin was soon splashing with the best of them. I didn't get any photos of him in the pool because I was there too making sure he didn't fall into the deep water, but I did get this picture of him eating lunch. I think this was taken just before he started munching on ribs. As usual, Shelby serves as clean up crew for any food that hits the ground.


Afterwards we headed to Steven's other brother's house to meet the young pup Mia!


She's a 9 week old beagle pup, sweet and cute as can be. Shelby looks like a giant next to her new cousin. Vin accidentally stepped on her foot, but he apologized, and was careful not to do it again for the remainder of our visit. When I asked him about Mia today, that's the part he still remembers. "I stepped on her foot! She cried."


Here's Shelby on the grass...


with Mia waiting to pounce.

Tonight there's gonna be fireworks, which freaks out pets, and apparently wasps. Have fun, stay safe, and make sure your pet can't bolt out of the house when things go ka-boom. Happy Independence Day everyone!

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