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Time for a walk

I was in the living room when things got a little quiet. Too quiet really, for a house with a 2yo boy and his ever tolerant dog. Then I heard the boy singing a little song.

Time for a walk,

Time for a walk,

Time for a walk...

time for a walk

time for a walk

Oh, hmmm. I think, well. The collar, and um...yeah about that harness. Let's say we start over and then take Shelby out for a walk.

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Franklin is looking for a new home

Some friends of ours have made the difficult decision that their pug Franklin would be happier in a different environment. He's very loved and well cared for, but as his family put it, city life just isn't for him and as a result he's got some challenges.  He lives in San Francisco now, and his mama thinks he wants to be a country dog.

She writes:

I need to live down at the end of a long dirt road in the country where I can play fetch to my hearts content and visitors are rare. Another dog to play with would be great.

We dearly hope that Franklin finds a home that suits him. Read all about him at The Daily Puglet.

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Kite Flying

A couple of weeks ago, it was hot, and we asked Vin wanted to do. Fresh off the Santa Cruz vacation he declared "I want to go to the beach!"

At the same time, I was thinking that it's a shame we don't have a kite. Steven encouraged me to make one, but having never done it before, and with several projects already piled up in my office, I decided to approach this differently.

Which is the say...I threw money at the problem.

Low and behold, there is a kite store in Half Moon Bay. Beach AND we get to buy a kite?! Perfect! It wasn't windy enough to fly it that day, but today, I helped Steven launch our newly purchased kite into the sky.

kite flying

We got it high enough in the sky to seriously be concerned about it crashing into a neighbors house, or getting stuck in a 3 story tree, but despite extremely rusty kite flying skills we avoided all of that, and we eventually landed it gently on the edge of the roof.

 kite flying

Vin was more interested in digging around the gravel and getting filthy than flying kites. For that matter, so was Shelby. It was so hot, she actually found a mound of dirt in the shade on which to rest.

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We are OK

Some of you may have heard that there was a big explosion in San Bruno last night. The recovery efforts continue. The family is OK. We are actually across the bay from San Bruno, but our hearts go out to those affected.

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Our Santa Cruz Vacation part 3


Ah, but that doesn't mean that both boy and pug have a great deal of reverence for a beef bone. Shelby relished it, while Vin sat quietly and watched, for about 5 mins. I think that Shelby is the reason Vin likes ribs. He cleans them off just as well too.

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer and is having a great week back at school. Vin starts pre-school shortly. We are all very excited.

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Our Santa Cruz Vacation part 2


But all was not fun beach trips and sleeping in the warm sun during our vacation.


First, the innocent look.


Uh oh Shelby. He's got an idea in his head that is not in your favor.


Gah! And there went your peaceful sunny lounging spot.

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Our Santa Cruz Vacation part 1


This dog can seriously teach us a thing or two about relaxing. I was lucky she even bothered to make eye contact with me for this photo.

We rented a little beach house in Santa Cruz for a week for summer vacation. Shelby got into the swing of things right away.


It took a little while for Vin to get over the excitement and curiosity of being in a new place, but being a toddler, fatigue will eventually catch up to you, and here is Shelby by his side as he passed out while watching a Monster Jam DVD.


I can't tell you how many times we heard the phrase "I want to go to the beach!" Vin also created a new song (it's more of a rap)

Shovel Shovel Shovel

I want to dig some holes

Shovel Shovel Shovel

I want to dig some holes

(repeat...like...20 times. Kinda explains the look on Shelby's face, doesn't it?)

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