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Shelby's Thanksgiving Treats

Haven't had a video on the site for a while. Hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks for...

I'm a little late for Thanksgiving this year, but that's been the case all week. Vin's exhuberance at having discovered spitting combined with his cold basically meant that I was going to get sick too.

I am finally feeling well enough to appreciate all that I have. This year I am particularly grateful for the aspects about my life for which I feel no regret.

Steven, who deals with the trials and tribulations raising an energetic 2 year old along with a dog who barks incessantly whenever the doorbell rings.

My job, (that I have one) but also, even though my career choices haven't made me terribly dollar-rich, it has supported my family, and brought me a lot of friends and adventures that were worthwhile.

Vin, who started talking in earnest this year, which changed parenthood completely in a very good way.

Shelby, who deserves a giant meat trophy for what her brother puts her through, and yet still understands when to lick his face, and when to tackle him.

The ability to watch our small boy grow up and help take care of our dog. I've got a little video I'll post tomorrow.

Till then, good night.

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