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Christmas 2010 recap

Christmas is a good time to learn to receive graciously, as well as give joyously. On Christmas Eve night, Vin helped me set out Shelby's gifts, and come Christmas morning, he handed Shelby her Christmas present. A little blue octopus with a really loud squeaker inside.


She wasted no time.


As for the boy, he got his first toddler bike!


Which he promptly decided was "broken" because it was so "wobbly" and started fixing it with his tools. His repairs must have worked because now he likes to ride it around the house, chasing Shelby.

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How do these creatures keep getting in the kitchen?

This time, it's a salamandar. Very slow moving, even though it's not cold in the house. I put him in a little container. Vin was fascinated, and Shelby was too, but the little thing looked so delicate, I didn't want either to hurt it.




I let Vin take it to show daddy who nearly jumped out of his skin at first because Vin came from behind offering up a squirmy thing right up near his face.

Steven: "A little warning please!"

Me: "Oops, sorry."

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Shelby's birthday, continued

How did I miss sharing this photo of Shelby's birthday cake. Our local dog bakery closed, so now we just buy people cakes. This one's coconut.


As you can see, Vin is excited about the candles, and Shelby's trying very hard not to jump on the table and devour it.

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Blog post blitz

Well I can say that I definitely didn't do as well as I hoped keeping the blog updated towards the end of the year. December really got away form me. So coming up is a series of blog posts I really should've posted earlier. Hope you like them.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas...

and all through the house, 2 little creatures were stirring and didn't want to go to bed.

We hid the Christmas presents until today so that they would not become the victims of the ever so slight willpower of a small boy and the completely non-existant willpower of a small dog.

However, even that was too soon as Shelby tried to open one of the gifts this afternoon. Luckily, I caught her in time, and now all the gifts are sitting on a table.


Naughty girl. I should've made you put on your reindeer antlers.


As for the little Santa, he is very much interested in getting new toys and gifts, and stuffing stockings. He made me very happy when he worked on a little arts and crafts project with his Uncle, and gave a present to Steven and me this afternoon. He was all smiles when he gave it to us. I'm glad he gets pleasure from giving as well as recieving.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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Happy birthday Shelby!

Yesterday, Shelby turned 7. Coincidentally, the day before she also ripped off the leg of one of her toys (after years of trying).

So we got her a batch of doggie cookies from Primrose Bakery in Pleasanton, and this rabbit doggie toy from Murphy's Paw.



Crunchy sounding ears, and a squeaker. What's not to love?

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