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Happy Easter Shelby

Vin loaded the eggs up with treats, and hid them around the house.



Oh yes. The pug is a professional egg hunter.


And when an egg rolled out of reach, Vin helped get it back.

hope your Easter was as much fun as ours.

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Uh oh! Broken nail

On Wednesday, I got a call from my mom.

"Hello Winnie, this time, it's your dog..."

And she proceeded to tell me that Shelby was bouncing around getting really excited over someone coming over, and before you knew it, her foot was bleeding all over the place. She had broken a toe nail, and wanted to know what we thought she should do.

We suggested that she bandage it up, and if it kept bleeding, to take Shelby to the vet. The bleeding stopped, and everything seemed fine. That night Vin told us the story, as only a 3 year old could tell it.

This morning I was giving Shelby a nice scratch / massage when I noticed something black sitting next to the bed.

broken nail

Egads! That's her whole nail! Her passenger side rear nail was completely gone! None of us had realized how dramatic the break had been. She wasn't bleeding, or favoring the foot, but we decided to bring her to the vet anyway.

broken nail

Vin, though still getting over a cold, cried and begged to come with Shelby and me to the vet. He had been playing Animal Doctor the past few days, with the two of us getting suited up in "scrubs" wearing stethescopes, and bandaging up his stuffed "patients." Despite his voice still sounding like Peppermint Patty's, I took him with us. He was considerably happier than Shelby over the visit.

70 dollars later, we left with a small bottle of antibiotics, an ambivolent dog, and a boy who was quite pleased with himself.

So far, so good. We're just to keep her foot clean, and make sure she takes her antibiotics, which means that Shelby will be eating "american cheese surprise" twice a day for the next week.

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