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Playing together

It was about a year and a half ago that Vin was nice to Shelby for the first time. Now that he's 3, they've started to play together, which as a mother is great fun to watch. As a kid, I of course, wanted a puppy. My father was allergic to all things furry, so instead, my brother and I got fish. I've got nothing against fish, but as a kid, they didn't hold a candle to a lick-your-face puppy. I know that Vin has no idea how lucky he is to have a dog in the family, especially a dog that also likes kids. But, it's great fun to watch them play together. Vin has started playing pretend with her. Admittedly, the times when he wants to play animal doctor aren't quite as much fun for Shelby as simply playing chase. The other day I overheard this conversation he had with her over her stuffed rabbit toy.

Vin: Shelby give me the rabbit.

Shelby: *tugs the rabbit*

Vin: Give me the rabbit!

Shelby: *tugs harder*

Vin: No Shelby, I have to cook it. I have to cook it. I have to cook it!

Shelby: *more tugging*

Vin finally yanks the rabbit away, and puts it on the table, turns around and scolds Shelby.

Vin: No Shelby! It's RAW!

This is the part where I think perhaps our mother son discussions over how to handle raw chicken, and why we don't eat cake batter have perhaps sunk in a little too deep. Or perhaps, I should just take this conversation to it's logical end, and teach him to say SAL-MON-EL-LA.

I'm sure that word would go down like gangbusters at preschool.

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