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omg he's steering the boat

During our walk the previous day, we watched a lot of boats cruise by. We'd always wanted to take Shelby in a boat on Lake Chabot. The park's really dog friendly, and pooches can come on the boats too.

We were out of luck yesterday as all the Patio boats were rented out, so today we headed out early with our cooler packed with snacks, ready to cruise around the lake with the whole family.

Yes, he's really steering. Steven is telling him where to turn, and we are a long ways from the shore or any other boats. Vin took instruction quite well. See the look of concentration?

The look on the pooch is a little harder to read.

I think it's either "Get me to shore." or "Are you gonna eat that?"

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Family walk

Happy 4th everyone! Vin and Steven wanted to talk a family walk around Lake Chabot yesterday, and the park is dog friendly, so we all piled into the car and headed out.

Steven's conversation with Vin, prior to leaving,

Steven: "You're going to walk right? I'm not going to carry you."

Vin: "Yeah, I'll walk"

Steven: "Ok, then I'm not going to bring the stroller or the wagon."

Vin:"Yeah you can leave them here."

Me whispering to Steven: "Pack the stroller."

As it turns out Vin was rather good about walking.


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I like you Shelby

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Cherry Season!

Cherry season started a week or so ago. I bought a bag from the farmer's market, but we also have a few growing on the tree we planted last year. Vin and I have been watching them, and they finally seemed ripe enough to pluck off the tree. They're not as sweet as the bing cherries from the farmer's market, but not bad for our first cherry tree.

As for the cherries from farmer's market. Well....

Looks like a tiny vampire to me, but that's just lots and lots of cherry juice. I had the foresight to take his white shirt off before he got started.

Shelby was much more efficient in eating cherries as you can see from the blurriness. I suppose I should be thankful I still have my fingers.

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