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Happy Halloween...now OFF WITH HER HEAD!


Well it took a fair amount of lobbying to convince Vin NOT to be a race car driver again this year. Instead, despite never having seen the movie, he really like the idea of being the Mad Hatter. So here they are, Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.




This is probably one of the more ambitous dog costumes I've attempted. I mean, the dress even has a tutu, to puff it out, and the crown? Well, let's just say it's amazing what you can do with a gold foil cake doily.

Good girl Shelby. You're pulling off that regal look much better than I thought you might. Happy Halloween everyone!

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Good night sweet girl

We just got home. Vin was already asleep and I tucked him into bed. While I was hanging up his jacket, I saw Shelby put her front paws on the edge if his crib and look at him for a few moments, as if to check on him, before heading to bed herself.

We are very lucky to have you Shelby.

Good night sweet girl

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Man, where have I been?

I just took a look at the blog and realized that the last time I posted, the weather was still nice! Thanks to those of you who nudged me to post again. I'll go dig up a picture to post, but I thought I'd give everyone a quick update as to what we've been up to, and why the blog has been so silent as of late.

I changed jobs mid Summer, which mean that early summer was a lot of time spent looking for a new job. I must say, that it's pretty exhausting doing a proper job search, but it was worth it because I'm really enjoying my new position.

Vin was doing so well in Preschool that we decided to send him full time. He's making friends and really improving his fine motor control, important for writing, and for handling a fork, so that you don't end up with food all over your face. It will be a sad day for Shelby once he masters this skill as there's gonna be fewer snacks falling from the sky into her mouth.

But the big news in our family is that Steven has started working again, and this time, not from home. This meant that for the first time in Shelby's life, she would be alone at home. We both felt like this would be so lonesome for her, so now she commutes with us, and spends the day with my mom. It was a rough start as Shelby would perisistantly cry and whine in the car, but over the first few weeks, she grew accustomed to the commute, and is now calm while she rides in the crate. In fact, I think she knows the route, because if we take a different route she starts to whine, somehow knowing that something is amiss.

As for me, I have not forgotten about our annual Halloween costumes. I plan to sew a little something for pug and boy, and I will cross my fingers that the boy doesn't change his mind at the last minute.

Hope everyone is having a nice start to the Fall Season.

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