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Present hunting

I wrapped Shelby's present. She thinks I put it in the stocking. Why else would this creature of comforts be sitting on a cold fireplace hearth?

...it's not in the stocking, pooch. :P gosh she's as persistent as a kid.

Present hunting

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Happy Thanksgiving

Despite scoring very few scraps from Thanksgiving she remains very hopeful, especially now that she's posed for a picture.

Well my sweet pug, maybe a little pie crust is in order.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Welcome home, Michael

4 and half years ago, Shelby became a big sister to our son Vin. And she has been a great dog with him. Here's a picture from back in the day.

Who's this dog?

Sunday, we came home from the hospital, with a new little addition to the family. Michael. Now that she knows how much fuss babies are, I was curious if she would have the same eager tail wagging reaction to another baby in the house.

Here she is, on the approach...


Her face stayed calm, but her tail looked like it was going to wag right off her butt. Steven had to hold her still for a photo.


And she goes in for the sniff and lick!


Right on the nose! Welcome to the family Michael.

(Is it just me, or do Vin and Michael really look similar?)

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The belated Thanksgiving post

What happened to my Thanksgiving post? Darn. Well, better late than never. Shelby spent Thanksgiving fruitlessly begging for turkey. She did manage to sneak a small bite of pie, but we refrained from turkey since she has a chicken allergy, and well, those too birds just seem too similar to chance it. Here she is looking indignant about it.


But despite having no turkey, she still managed a really good turkey coma about 5 minutes after taking this first picture.


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