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It's just a regular checkup

Ok we'll there's a few vaccines. And a nail trim. Which you hate. Ok I guess that's the reason you're shaking and scanning the waiting room for suspicious characters.

Poor gal.

It's just a regular checkup

August 31, 2013 | Permalink


Eyes wide open. Poor stressed Puggie. Sure hope Shelby got a wonderful treat after all that.

Posted by: Bo | Sep 1, 2013 4:18:52 AM

I'm blessed that Mushu actually likes going to the vet. He always tries to charge into the waiting room before I can even get the door open.

Posted by: J.D. | Sep 1, 2013 2:21:57 PM

Ahhh. poor Shelby! Teddy doesn't care for the vet either...scans for the doorway out !!!

Posted by: Ann | Sep 4, 2013 9:10:45 PM

I have 4 pugs and I gave up going to the vet to do nails. I do my own, and you want to talk about screaming?? I have one that screams bloody murder every time she sees the clippers, and I have never hurt her. I have another one that throws a hissy and it takes two of us to do his nails. The other two don't like it, but they deal. Thank goodness it doesn't have to be done every day!! I actually stopped taking them to the vet because I took the screamer there once and the tech cuts her nails so short she had blood coming from each foot. I decided it works better if I do them.

Posted by: JANET | Sep 5, 2013 11:55:06 AM

Your fur daughter's expression is priceless.
One of my favorite so far.
Oh Shelby ! I am not laughing at you but with you, kinda.


Posted by: edie | Sep 12, 2013 6:56:26 AM

Dear Winnie, I know you are now the proud mother of two young sons, you are a working professional, a wife, and so much more. Do you think you could possibly create/design a Halloween Costume for Shelby this year? We so look forward to being surprised and delighted with your originality. If you cannot do it, we would understand that there are not enough hours in a day. We Love Your Family and especially the way you take care of Shelby.

Posted by: Jade | Oct 1, 2013 10:56:59 PM

I'm certainly going to try! Vincent has chosen a Star Wars theme this year and people have suggested that I resurrect her old Yoda costume but I'll try to do something new.

Posted by: Winnie | Oct 2, 2013 10:02:55 AM

Yoda was really good and you could do a new shot and the old picture just for laughs.

Posted by: edie | Oct 7, 2013 10:42:36 AM

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