Too funny not to share

I'm not sure if many of you checked out the link that Randon included in his comment on the post about Vin's new Bumbo. I went back to work this week, and didn't quite have the chance to watch it until just today, and I just about died laughing.

I can't say that I have the time or the talent to make something this good with Vin and Shelby, but I'm sure glad lfatboyl does.

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Shelby and Bear

My friend Penny just adopted a pup from the SPCA. We think he's a terrier daschund mix. Bear came over to to meet Shelby for the first time today.

They got along quite well, though there was the occasional humping attempt. Sometimes the rough housing got a bit too noisy or too rough, and they needed a "time-out". Check out the video of them playing together. This went on for hours! And at one point when we went outside, bear found a way to get under the deck and escape the house. Is it any wonder why Penny and I were exhausted after the visit?!

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Shelby's Breakfast

When Shelby was a puppy, she would get urinary tract infections a lot, and to combat that, we started giving her only filtered water, and a bit of yogurt with breakfast. The infections have gone away, but we continue with the water ahd yogurt, because it seemed like a good idea, and Shelby loves it. I had to call her several times to get her attention while she was eating.

This yogurt was labelled as "smooth and creamy" which I think is the nice way of saying running and icky. I don't care much for eating the texture, however it gets all over Shelby's face, and that does make for a good laugh.

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The remorseless pug

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Hide a Squirrel

A big paws up from Shelby on her new toy, Hide-a-squirrel. She really likes it, and immediately was obsessed with it once I opened the box. 3 fuzzy squirrel tails! What's not to like?

And of course, the point is to remove the squirrels from the tree trunk, which Shelby got the hang of immediately....until I whipped out the video camera, and of course she sat there and licked squirrel tail the entire time. Eew. Slimy squirrel.

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Petunia and Shelby at play

Petunia's owner took a video of Shelby and Petunia romping around the office. I'm so pleased they get along so well. Furthermore, this video is more proof that Shelby won't fetch.

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Yay for doggie bags!

And that my love

Steven and I went to dinner at a steakhouse, which means that although Shelby was bored while we were out, she was delieriously happy over the steak from our doggie bag. She nearly bit Steven's fingers as he was feeding her.

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This string is amazing!

Phew, it's been quite a week. Sorry I've been remiss is my regular M, W, F posts. Here's a little video of Shelby playing. For all the toys we get her, she really digs the simple things in life. Licking the floor. Sniffing things in "nature", and this string.

Yeah...she really digs this string.

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Christmas gifts

Mom made Shelby this sweet Christmas sweater.

Her new holiday sweater

Very elegant Shelby. You look very nice.

Here she is wearing last year's Christmas sweater and hat, while (re)opening Mister Duck.

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The Interrogation of Shelby Pug

We bought a quacking duck toy from the dog bakery as a Christmas present for Shelby. She really liked the noise it made. Though she didn't see me wrap it, she kept sniffing around the gift, as if she knew it was hers. Maybe it still had a hint of dog bakery smell. In any case, this is what happened next.

She knew perfectly well that she was not to open that gift. And while I'm away, and Steven is working in his office, Shelby appears playing with Mr. Duck. That's a naughty girl.

Steven's interrogation tactic was a bit different.

After filming, she kept hopping on her interrogation chair hoping for more Cheerios.

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